Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day guests

It's Labor Day weekend here in the USA. School used to start AFTER Labor Day, so did the NFL and college football along with the Southern Nascar 500. I remember picnics, horseshoes and happy family times, watermelon, fried chicken and mama's potato salad.

Labor Day is the first  Monday in September, always has been, and is not indigenous to the USA. In other parts of the world it's a holiday celebrated as Labour Day or International Workers Day. Here in the US, it signifies the end of summer, not wearing white clothing, (lol), and was first celebrated September 5, 1882 in New York City. It did not become a federal holiday until 1894. Wikipedia has unlimited info if you're interested.

My sister  sent me this pic of a squirrel house, outside her window. I fell in love with it and begged one from my husband. Big Daddy built me one and I love it! It has a red metal roof, just like coincidental, eh?

Is it cute, or what? We used to have a bird feeder with a nylon rope-like hanger, but the goofy squirrel chewed thru it...we know because we watched him do it!

We have had problems with the blue jays eating ALL the peanuts. Don't get me wrong, we like all our yard friends, but the peanuts are for the darn squirrel!! Hello!!
Sorry, no pics of our early brunch guests...but, while I was in the tub, all the dogs started raising cain and wouldn't quit. That usually signifies: the mailman, the UPS man, brick and mortar shop customers, but, NOOOOOOOOOOOO, not this morning. We had 2 lovely dun horses walking down our road outside our gate. We do live on a very busy farm to market road with 18 wheelers, logging trucks, farm equipment and all the idiots that cannot drive under 80 mph! We have horses and mini horses, so the duns crossed the road to visit the minis...meanwhile, big daddy headed out with a can of sweet feed to lure them into our front yard until the owners showed up. They did in just a few minutes, collected their charges and left. Short lived excitement for the mini stallion, lol!

Now I'm waiting for the earthbaby to come over, wahooo! Nothing like a chubby baby to put your life in perspective, eh? Love it.

Whereever you are in the world this weekend, I hope you celebrate just being able to be with your family. If you aren't able to be with your family, I pray you're safe and happy~~Elaine


  1. Hi Elaine, Happy Labor Day. You've been a bit quiet lately, and I was pleased to see your post. I adore that squirrel feeder. You are so fortunate that your husband is "handy". Also, may I say how joyful I am that someone else enjoys feeding the squirrels. Some people act like it's a crime for the squirrels to get the birdseed.......but God's creatures all enjoy a tasty treat...........right? I actualy know someone who shoots b-b's at the squirrels that eat from her birdfeeder. What do you think of that? Have a lovely weekend. Michele

  2. Happy Labor Day, Elaine! Your visitors sound beautiful. LOVE LOVE LOVE the squirrel houses, oh those are too darling! Have a wonderful weekend, hon!

  3. My husband is from Minnesota, although I don't know that that has anything to do with it, but he also put up a squirrel feeder in our backyard, a bit different, but really interesting to watch. He also has a corn shucker so he buys feed corn and I have the best time shucking the corn for the squirrel feeder.

    P.S. Thanks for the selvages!!!!

  4. Oh Elaine I do love your squirrel house. We do not have squirrels but I would love one for a bird house without the jar of peanuts.

    Have a great weekend. It is Father's Day in Aussie and we just had a lovely visit from our DD1 and hubby.

  5. We usually have trouble keeping the squirrels out of the bird feeders. Funny you've got the opposite problem!