Monday, August 31, 2009

Sewing in the baby marathon....and a goodbye

Dear Annie and Krista goats:
Mom says I am too much to handle and need to go visit a new farm. I am headed out to farmer Kingsfords place! Dad says that I will have lots of fun there! I guess this is goodbye, have great and your unborn little ones! Love, Billy Goat


On to a more pleasant subject. I have so many babies coming this fall~ grands, girlfriends grands and who knows? So I checked out crazymomquilts tutorial on bibs and (of course) tweaked it a bit and added matching burp cloths.

Having fun in babyland~~~Elaine

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Have you visited this blog?

I get stuck in blogland. Do you ever find yourself so immersed you can't move until you check out the VERY NEXT BLOG!!! I found this lady, and keep returning over and over again. She has the most awesome eye for decorating with her finds. She did a tutorial on her hotpads that is so cute. While I was out "thrift" store browsing I ran across 4 wool squares that were crocheted and were just the right size for hot pads. I dug through my scraps and vintage fabrics and found some fabrics to use (check out the fabrics she used, way to cute!), quilted them and put onto the wool. I wasn't sure what to use for the hangers when I found a twill tape from Moda (original use was to tie a jelly roll up) and cut it into 4 pieces...perfect! When I visited my friend in Fort Worth (I had invited myself to spend the night at her house, lol), I took 2 of the hotpads to her as a hostess thank you. She loved them! (My version is nothing like hers, no laughing now!)

If you don't have time to make your own little gifts, check out the giftshop she has on her blog...very cool items!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Christmas Quilt top done, wahooo

Finally...last borders on and ready to quilt, 60" square, all Christmas flannels. Probably in a grid-like pattern. Now on to my disappearing 9 patch. I know this went around a long way back but, I travel at my own speed, lol. Get to quilting, Elaine

Check out Frummies Quilted Garden

My First Give-a-way
This is from a new blogger, very cool blog, check her out! She is giving a 2 yard medley away.

So what has everyone been doing today? I have finished up with my new flannel quilt top and just need to sew the remaining borders on. Gee, 1 down and how many to go, lol?

Have a nice week, get lots of quilting done, or stitching. Elaine

Monday, August 24, 2009

Who's busy now?

Do you ever wonder where the time goes...just sewing along and then you take note of the time....oops, dinner is going to be late again! My poor husband just doesn't cook, doesn't like it at all. I don't mind, I actually love it, and the trade off is priceless.

He washes the dishes and cleans up after me...everytime!

No, he is not for rent, even if you whine.

I did make him a nice dinner, quick and easy. I took 3 medium size potatoes, scrubbed them and cut into lengthwise pieces, drizzled olive oil on, garlic salt, pepper and fresh rosemary. Popped em in the oven (425) for about 30 mins. While they were cooking, I took some pre-tenderized beef and cut into "finger" chunks, dipped into flour, salt, pepper and dropped into pre-heated veggie oil (medium high) and let them cook until light brown, turn and continue until 2nd side is light brown, done! I also grabbed a bag of frozen broccoli tops out of the freezer, microwaved them and slathered the butter on.

One of the things I couldn't get used to in Texas (please forgive me all y'all Texans) is chicken fried steak. Just can't eat it more then 1-2 times a year, lol. My poor husband was raised here and he doesn't care for it either. We do like steak fingers...kind of a mini version of chicken fried steak!

I better get moving on my latest project...the disappearing 9 patch. I found one on someone elses blog and thought it was way cool! Hope so, will let y'all know, lol!

Don't forget to head over to: for a giveaway of Civil War fabrics, yummy! Her name is Elaine too, decide, lol!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Giveaway winners!

Wahoooo, it's time to draw the winners!

(drums in the background, Margarita in, NOT!)

The International winner is:

Stina from lucky little quilter you!

The winner from the US is:

Angel from Washington state...wahoo to you!

This has been the very best giveaway, ok fine, my 2nd, but it was fun! I had entries from the USA, Sweden, Argentina, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, a ton of talented ladies from Australia, Brazil, England, whew!

If you ladies, Stina and Angel, will email your snail mail addys to me I will be ever so happy to send your secret packages to you. I hope you like them!

Thank you to everyone for entering and letting me know what all you are making for Christmas. Now, if that nice young lady in Germany would like to send those quilt!

Gotta finish my new top up, Elaine

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My win and don't forget my giveaway tomorrow!

The mail lady was good to me yesterday! Imagine my delight, (happy dance here) to find this box in my mailbox!

Oh my, oh's the pear pinkeep from KKL primitives giveaway! Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I won, I won, I won!

My little (right little, ha, ha, the little chubby chihauhau, who NEEDS the number for weight watchers) grand dog is guarding it for mawmaw...good dog! Isn't this the cutest ever? I just love it. It's going to be 1 on 1 with baboo now! Denise at sent this to me, thank you Denise, you made my day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Batting coupons

I did an internet search tonight for Warm and Natural batting, 90" wide by 40 yds. Sounds like my kinda size to have on hand, lol! I found it on Joanns website. Kinda pricey, ouch! Did another search and ran across mommysavesbig blogspot. She has a coupon good for a few more days for 50% off one item. So, if you type in the code, you get 50% off the batting.....wahooooooo. What????????? The shipping is less too? Weird! I guess when you get 50% off a pricey item the shipping is pro-rated, weird I tell ya! Anyway, check it out!

I'm having a giveaway~~~wahooooo!!!

I have been in quilting heaven with my little baboo. So far, a nice little stack o quilts, finished, bound, washed and loved up. I have actually been having fun (omg, what if they go back and read older posts about machine quilting being not fun).

I also realized that I hit blog #50 and need to do a giveaway! Makes my heart flip flop just thinking about it! Lets have some fun with it.

All you have to do is leave a comment here about what you are planning, gift wise, to do for Christmas or Hannakah (hope the spell checker police are sleeping on that one) or Kwanzaa this year? That's it. The only comments that count will be on this blog only.

Please, please, please...leave your email with your comment. If you don't leave your email addy or blog addy, I will chose another one. There will be 2 in the USA and another International.

The winnings are a surprise...and the winner will be chosen Sunday night. Good luck and tell all your friends. Sorry, no extra entries for posting or following. I am much to busy quilting to figure that out!

Back to quilting, Elaine

Friday, August 7, 2009

More quilting done and a giveaway

I am dragging out every box and bin I own and giving everything the once over...can I quilt that? I am having so much fun machine quilting. It's funny, I never had any desire to machine quilt, didn't want to learn, refused to I am eyeing everything around me.

I have amassed a big number of quilt tops that are hand pieced, some of them quite old. These are not for sweet little Janome...oh heck no, they are JUST for hand quilting only!

Stop by for her giveaway, lots of fun things to be given away. Now back to the binding on my scrappy log later when it's finished from the washer and dryer...Elaine

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

what was I thinking?

I really am trying to de-clutter and downsize. You know, get rid of things I really don't need. little baboo awaits me...another one done...waaahhhhhoooooo!

I know...I need to work on my meandering stitch, but I had to try it out!

Gotta go, another quilt awaits me...Elaine

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beyond words.... much for me to even speak. I have been coveting the new baby that Dana (old red barn co.) lives with, not the puppies either! Gotta go, time to test drive more...check out the wonderous scissor button, omg, I have surely died.....