Thursday, September 30, 2010

Presents in the mail~~~

The nice mail person pulled up today with an awesome box, all the way from down under!

After holding it for several minutes, big daddy asked if I was going to open it.....I was actually content to just hold it, silly.

Do you see the loveliness? This started with just a question on a blog post....what is Peri-Peri? So Fiona sent me  some gorgeous wools+ a pin cushion + the spice + a CHERRY RIPE !!! That would be dark chocolate, coconut and the most lucious cherry jelly-like filling. Now, I have not won a giveaway, nor paid anything for this...I am not used to being spoilt like this! Check out the classy!

Ohh, did I mention the Ladybug pincushion? Or the handmade card! And under the ladybug are 2 pieces of wool! Life is wonderful today. Fiona, you made me very happy today.

Big daddy asked if I was going to eat all of that chocolate bar, no dear, I would love to share with you....oh, oh....I forgot, coconut is not a liked food group for you, is it?  I couldn't risk it going bad either. I ate the entire bar and loved every bite. I can hardly wait to use that spice.
Fiona...I thank you so much for making me fat, sassy and full! Your new bff in Texas, Elaine                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More goodies for my giveaway

I am adding 3 little patterns, 3 balls of #8 overdyed Valdani perle cottons and a packet of needles, all for the giveaway. Little plant pokes and a Snowman mini table runner. Just some fun stuff to get you started on wool!

Please go to the post, 200th post giveaway, to enter for the prize package of wooly stuff, thank you.

Back to getting ready for my yardsale, Elaine

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still cutting circles for my giveaway

I am still cutting some circles out and sorting the sizes in each of 3 bags. You wouldn't believe what a pleasure it is with the Accuquilt Go die to cut the circles out! My mind is racing at the possibilites...

I talked with the nice lady at Accuquilt today and asked about the new basket die....I want it now...please.
I had a friend send an email about the Accuquilt go cutter and thought I would answer any question(s) you might have about it.
Yes, I carry the Go-Cutters in my shop. Yes I can ship them overseas! Wahoo, be the first down under to own the Accuquilt-Go cutter!!
I am getting ready for a yard sale. I have to quit watching hoarders! But to alleviate any fears, no I have NOT put any fabric out to sell, lol.

Nearly time for bed, you'all sleep well, later, Elaine

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wool penny rug bases

            The first decision you need to make is....the shape and size of the rug you want to make. Then the you want wool on wool, like the rooster?

Then, the next decison you use a commercial pattern, or just wing it?
If I am making a small rug, like my little goat friend here, I headed to the kitchen for my favorite little oval platter, traced around it onto freezer paper, rough cut it out and then iron it on my wool. Now cut out on the lines and you have a huh?
Wool holds up very well and mixes with other fibers too.

                          This is a commercial pattern that came as a kit a few years agao....I have no idea who the artist was. The base is flannel and the elements are all felted wool. I love this wall hanging.

              Remember those pesky circles that I have cut gillions of this past week? Wouldn't they look perfect on this Circle of Life quilt....made from a pattern.

Hmm, I need to go check out some fabrics for this idea...I am going to add some cotton circles.

Don't forget, if you're entering the giveaway, please leave your comment on the 200th post giveaway. Back to Hoarding: Buried Alive....what am I thinking, watching this propagand, lol! Later all, Elaine

Friday, September 24, 2010

Working with wool

If you have never worked with wool, do give it a try.  You really can't hurt it. I have been buying woolens for several years and felting them at home. I would only buy 100% wools and some mixed fibers, if they were the right colors! I could buy wool off the bolt...but how often do you see "that" orange or green? I really love the tweeds, plaids and nubby textures some of the woolens have.

So this is how I have amassed the tonnage of woolens. IF YOU ARE MS.LOTTIE, STOP READING NOW!! I buy the wool blankets, coats, skirts, etc. that I usually pick up for $2. or less and cut them up! Remove all the buttons~~~fodder for the button jar~~take the clothing apart at the seams and remove as much as the facing as you can. Now wash the pieces in very hot water with detergent (I use my homemade laundry soap), rinse in cold water. Then dry in a hot dryer. You will need to clean the lint trap often. Now if you're weird like me, you'll save that wooly lint for your next pin cushion!

I use a steam iron and press the wool very well. Pour on the water, and if you find a piece of wool that doesn't hold up to this process, toss it! Not worth keeping, it's best to just use the better pieces.

I'm sure everyone has their own way of creating their own woolens for felted wool applique, this is just mine. I have talked about this before but some of you are new. Don't be afraid to experiment.

I have tried to add pics tonight but blogger is acting like my ex-husband, AGAIN! Take my word for it, they are very professional pics, tasteful, perfect lighting.....losing you, aren't I?

So today I have found some pale cantalope ovals...perfect for a fall rug! I am adding one of these to the circles...who knows what I will add to the booty tomorrow. Off to my baby boys for his birthday celebration....will be an all day affair. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes...kind of a celebration of his birth. I can't wait...this is the earthdaddy.

Now, if I can figure out what blogger is doing with the pics and adding them! I have tried to add some pics to no sorry.

In the meantime, I have had a few inquiries into the scraps I am knee deep in. If you would like some of the funky scraps, I would be happy to send some to you for the postage only. The flat rate envelopes are $4.90 and I can stuff alot in them! Let me know and I'll start stuffing some of them for you quilters. For overseas, if you want to pay the postage, I would be happy to send some to you as well. Just let me know how much postage you want to pay and I can prepare some scraps to equal that amount.

If you're new, please go to the 200th post giveaway, to enter for the circles, etc. Thank you and good evening, Elaine

Swiss cheese

 My humble beginnings...looks like Swiss cheese to me! I was having so much fun cutting the circles that I didn't make the most from my wool....most of the time!
 It doesn't look like much, but it is. See the little red circle, to the left? It is from the ribbing from a wool sweater! Very cool texture.
 The pieces at the top on this picture....are the imperfect pieces. I'm not sure what to do with them. I like to use them for the tops of the rugs for leaves, moons, flower parts.....
        So if you win the perfect you want the imperfect ones added in as well?

 If you are entering the draw....DON'T DO IT ON THIS ENTRY PLEASE!!! GO TO THE previous entry, titled, 200th post giveaway and leave a comment there.

Now, off to find some awesome plaids, houndstooth, and funky colors worthy of a modern penny rug. Later, Elaine                                                                          

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

200th post giveaway

Finally! Issues and more I finally get the computer to work!  Lets get on with the giveaway......

Remember the circles I made with the Accuquilt go cutter? I have cut a bunch in some lucious fall colors...browns, tweeds, oranges, reds, rust, tans, and other fun colors. Included in the circles are some perle cottons, needles.....everything you would need for a fall penny rug or tablerunner. A few patterns for wooly plant pokes and funky little penny rugs. IF I CAN FIND THE CAMERA, I CAN DOWNLOAD A PIC OF THE BOOTY. Oh, sorry, was I shouting? And yes thank you, I do ship overseas...happily!

Now the rules:

None. Ok fine, a few.  Just leave a comment on how much you want to learn how to work with wool and do the fun embroidery that others are doing all over the net! Please leave your email. If you don't have a blog and don't leave an email.....I will draw another name, sorry, no exceptions!

I'll draw the winner Oct 4th....and will keep adding little goodies until then...Lord help us all!

Don't forget to send an orphan block to Miss Lizzie in only cost me $.98 for a stamp and that block was in a card! It is so worthwhile. And while I have your attention...keep the people in New Zealand in your prayers...their gale force winds are creating some real havoc there.

And lastly, thank you for all the kind comments you always send. Remember, you don't have to sign up to be a follower to enter, just a comment will do. Now, back to cutting MORE circles!...Elaine

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What do you do when the love is not there...

...give it away! So I was putzing around in my sewing scraps and cut some  squares out and began sewing them up....then I realized the love was not there. I do not like them. Not at all. I want them gone. Now, please feel sorry for me and take them. Please? The first person that tells me they want them and why, gets them! Oh, and a little Moda Bella Snow, kind of an eggshell sweet color and cut into 1 1/2" strips. My sewing room thanks you, so does my husband...Elaine
Oh, and since this is my 200th post, I'll have to post a giveaway tomorrow, stay tuned!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh I do love my Accuquilt Go!

So I decided to get busy, since I am always left behind, and get that go-cutter out and go crazy with it!
Not reading directions first, geez, I went ahead and cut my fabrics @ 10" wide and placed it on the die.
Now place the well used cover on the top....
...Pop the die under the roller and wind your way to happiness!
Oh sweet Lord, check it out....perfect 2 1/2" fabric strips, from selvage edge to selvage edge.
Now this is the part that I went to the, yeah, I can read! If you initially cut your fabrics @ 8 1/2" wide, your waste is minimal...duh! But, not to worry. See those 2 strips, crosswise...well, they are going in my string quilt! Perfect. So did I cut the initial cuts down...nah, I kinda like the string quilt idea.
The new cuts are in my etsy shop. I love the cuts on my Accuquilt-go cutter. No pinked edges make me happy!
I was kind of curious about my hand dyed wool in the, what the heck.
Can you believe how wonderful this is for me? I didn't cut the wool down, just fooling around with it.
Yep, it's a keeper!
So I tried again, cutting the wool down, a bit close, huh?
Oh sweet!
I have no control now, these are fun! Oh, and I do sell these machines. Email me if you're interested. I'll even pay your shipping, wahoo! Now, where is my next piece of wool...?
Thanks for all your kind comments, take care, now I'm off to  quilt something, Elaine

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Help for a quilt sister please!

My friend, Lizzie, has posted a call for orphan blocks to make a quilt for her beloved friend who is terminal. Please go to her page and read her story. She is in Australia, but one block, folded will fit nicely in an envelope. Thank you for being a quilt sister, Elaine 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon

I went over to my little friend Helen's house, my little elderly friend and helped her with a project she wanted to do. She told me she is not allowed to sew on Sunday...because as a little girl, her mother had said so. But she wanted "something" sewn and said I could, no problem. I asked if it was for perhaps  a religious reason...nope, but her mom had said so. You have to love that! She is 82.

Look what I found at the Goodwill? Great carosel cans, perfect lids too! $1.99 each, standard button box size, don't you think?
I need to finish up some felted woolys for my shop. Halloween is coming up! I also have a few other things to finish up. I just seem to keep starting new projects and piling up those ufo's. I need to just FINISH SOMETHING!!!
I asked my friend Jeanne if she wanted to make a 30's repro quilt, a smaller then normal, Dresden plate. I think it would be fun, but darn it, she is going to finish her current project first. If only I were so commited! Thats ok with me, I don't seem to be in a big hurry either. What I need to do is keep working on my sewing room cleanup and purge. Wish me luck on that one! Later, moi

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The shop name

I need to fess up the name of "the" shop to some ladies. Now keep in mind, I only ordered 2 charm packs, wrote a letter to them a few days later...and received 3 emails! Not computer generated either, but real emails...what? Yep. Sandy is a very sweet lady and her prices are very good, excellent really. And, if you do place an order...tell her you heard about her uber customer service from me, lol! She really deserves some niceness after me today.

 **This is Snow White. He is the MAN of the barn yard. I think he's gorgeous.**

This is what happens to bad little boys that attack she who cleans your home, feeds you, and makes mud pits in the hot weather for you. Bye Snowy, hope you enjoy your new freezer home! Love, mom

My red face

So I bought 2 charm packs online from an independent quilt shop 2 1/2 weeks ago. It did not arrive until today....after I wrote an unpleasant and downright rude note to the shop. I had paid for priority mail. *Did you know that priority mail is not guaranteed to arrive in 2 days? Even if you pay the priority price, that means zilch to them, those nice postal people. It actually means you are goofy for paying that extra amount. If you REALLY want to know when the package arrives, you have to purchase the tracking numbers.* The package arrived today. The lady at the shop was sooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet and gracious.....and I was not. heartfelt apologies, I would call and beg forgiveness but my foot is trapped in my mouth!

The post mark on the package stated it was mailed on the 1st of Sept, today is the 11th....what the heck? It was not the shops fault. Ahhhh, hello, Mr. Postmaster....are ya delivering packages via mules? I think Tennessee is really not that far from Texas.

So I am telling you this to maybe save another dumbass like me from shooting their mouth off without hearing the whole story. Oh, the almost best part...the nice lady wrote back immediately and said according to her tracking numbers, the package was delivered yesterday!

I would highly recommend this shop...the prices are better then most shops and they like sleep on the computer...all correspondence is answered in a timely manner. Future online shopping to be done here for me.

So today I am embarrassed, humble and contrite. Just saying is all.

Upcycled fun

Ms.Lottie had found an interestingly gorgeous piece of stitchery from an op shop about the same time I was busy putting my newfound stitchery to a new up-cycled use. This is my new knitting needle case,  with the addition of a few  scrap bag finds.
I had a left over piece of batting and leftover ribbons. Perfect.
I machine quilted several rows and had some leftover binding that was a good fit, in color and length. Since the lacy edge was tattered in a number of places, I had no guilt covering it up.

Now I have a place for my knitting needles and have saved a vintage stitchery from who knows what.

I love not using patterns, sometimes it even turns out to my liking. I love my new case!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with my double point needles and all my crochet hooks! Wish me luck, Elaine

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Watching TV has consequences

The new season of Hoarders started last night. I am so in the mood to destash now, lol! So I have begun to add to my etsy shop some of my fabulous sewing room excess.
The first one added today is this DIY purse/tote/pillow kit. How about some cute little clutches for those Redneck bridesmaids on your list? You add the pattern or just make up your own as you go.
Please, please stop letting me watch those shows! Or, hop over to my shop and help me destash. Thanks, now back to ironing and cutting for me~~~Elaine

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a wonderful surprise!

I opened my email this morning, and nearly fell over reading the following letter:

Dear Elaine,

I came across your blog some weeks ago and I liked your tutorial of the disappearing 4 patch very much.

I started patchworking and quilting in October last year and I am still a real beginner but very eager to progress and to learn. Internet is a great place to find all kinds of ideas, tutorials and tecniques. Once per week I attend patchwork classes and I really enjoy it a lot: my teacher (Concha - is more a friend than a teacher and our group (we call us "las chicas de oro" - the golden girls) is a bunch of 8 women of different ages, different origins and cultural backgrounds but we form a wonderful group of women who found in patchworking a way of having a great time together.

Sorry if I make mistakes in my English, but it's a lot of time ago that I haven't used it and I am afraid it is somewhat "rusted".

I love reading your blog, your entries about your family, friendship, your animals (I am so sorry for your dog Christian's death... I have a lady-dog.. her name is Linda and she is 13 years old... I do not want to imagine my desperation the day she will not be with me...), your new-found sister, your life in Texas... I adore your home's porch! Such a porch is one of my unfulfilled dreams... the rocking chair... the flowers... nature....

Your posts transmit warmth, sensitivity and I think you must be a caring, cheerful and sensitive woman.

And now the reason of my mail... I wanted to show you my version of the disappearing 4 patch. I am planning a quilt for my grandaughter's bed. Her name is Brisa (Breeze in English) and she is a wonderful charming little lady of 1 year 1/2. After finishing her quilt, I will make the same (but with other colour combinations) for Niko, my grandson (he is 3).

I send you a foto of my two little sunshines and the disappearing 4 patches.

Lots of hugs from Spain,


I immediately wrote back to Rose and asked her permission to post her letter and pics and she graciously gave permission for me to post them. I love her blocks! Are they just the cutest? I went to her blog and also her teachers blog...these ladies are so delightful! I was humbled by Roses' letter. I want to thank whomever came up with blogs, for bringing me ladies, just like Rose, into my life!
A quick sidenote, when you go to these blogs, you better fix a snack and a hot cup of tea! Until next time, take care and just know that you do make a difference~~~Elaine

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day guests

It's Labor Day weekend here in the USA. School used to start AFTER Labor Day, so did the NFL and college football along with the Southern Nascar 500. I remember picnics, horseshoes and happy family times, watermelon, fried chicken and mama's potato salad.

Labor Day is the first  Monday in September, always has been, and is not indigenous to the USA. In other parts of the world it's a holiday celebrated as Labour Day or International Workers Day. Here in the US, it signifies the end of summer, not wearing white clothing, (lol), and was first celebrated September 5, 1882 in New York City. It did not become a federal holiday until 1894. Wikipedia has unlimited info if you're interested.

My sister  sent me this pic of a squirrel house, outside her window. I fell in love with it and begged one from my husband. Big Daddy built me one and I love it! It has a red metal roof, just like coincidental, eh?

Is it cute, or what? We used to have a bird feeder with a nylon rope-like hanger, but the goofy squirrel chewed thru it...we know because we watched him do it!

We have had problems with the blue jays eating ALL the peanuts. Don't get me wrong, we like all our yard friends, but the peanuts are for the darn squirrel!! Hello!!
Sorry, no pics of our early brunch guests...but, while I was in the tub, all the dogs started raising cain and wouldn't quit. That usually signifies: the mailman, the UPS man, brick and mortar shop customers, but, NOOOOOOOOOOOO, not this morning. We had 2 lovely dun horses walking down our road outside our gate. We do live on a very busy farm to market road with 18 wheelers, logging trucks, farm equipment and all the idiots that cannot drive under 80 mph! We have horses and mini horses, so the duns crossed the road to visit the minis...meanwhile, big daddy headed out with a can of sweet feed to lure them into our front yard until the owners showed up. They did in just a few minutes, collected their charges and left. Short lived excitement for the mini stallion, lol!

Now I'm waiting for the earthbaby to come over, wahooo! Nothing like a chubby baby to put your life in perspective, eh? Love it.

Whereever you are in the world this weekend, I hope you celebrate just being able to be with your family. If you aren't able to be with your family, I pray you're safe and happy~~Elaine