Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lolo....nuff said

My bff Lo went back to work at place near my house. We worked together there for a few years. It was, without doubt, the best time I have had in my nursing career. Have you ever worked with someone you just meshed with...someone that KNEW what you were thinking before you thought it? Someone you would put your life in their hands? That's my bff Lolo. And when I found out she was the same age as my daughter, that just made it better. Kind of like working with your daughter in an objective way...if that makes sense. She lives a few hours from me and I don't get to see her often, so this is a bonus. She used to sleep here every Sunday, when we worked together, and eat dinner together with Big Daddy, then we would go back to work again. I hope she stops to see me in the morning. It is Sunday and we like to hold services, Church on the Porch. Good times.

Lolo's little friend Gracie Mae...I am babysitting...since Nov of last year, lol!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Signature blocks

I went over to Terry's blog today and saw where she was collecting blocks, from other quilters, with their signatures on them. So I signed up and she sent an email back telling me that she was sending one to me! I have followed Terry since I found the blog world and admire her quilts alot! Her family has had some real upsets in the past year, but Terry has always landed on her little feet with a smile and grace. Go visit her blog, she is awesome...the kind of woman most of us strive to be, for real!
                                                                             Signature Quilt Pictures, Images and Photos

On another note, I went to visit my quilty friend. She is 82 or so and one of the most perky little women you would ever meet. I love  listening to her, she never fails to surprise me with her quirky little comments. She quilts and embroideries and loves wrestling...4 nights a week. I had told her that I enjoy an occasional glass of wine with my dinner, she likes whiskey. She is worried about her treasures when she dies. Her glassware, porcelains, her framed REAL pictures, her quilts and the priceless embroideries she has done over the years. One of her daughters sold her paper doll collection for her and she grieves for them. It is so sad to see the grief and longing she has for dolls. I found that she continues to be drawn to them and when she ordered Dolly Days I knew what we had to do. The cover of the pattern is a quilt, but nooooooo, she wants something for little girls to play with. So I helped her come up with a way for that to happen, I hope.
                                                                                      Sewing Machine Pictures, Images and Photos

I brought her some Timtex, Osnaburg and different variations of hook and loop tape. We are going to work on it next week, stay tuned, this could be fun!
                                                                                paper dolls Pictures, Images and Photos

Do you have an elder friend that lives alone? Have you ever just sat and listened to what they have to say? I enjoy  my friend, so much. I don't think it really matters if we work on anything together.  I am younger then her daughters, and I don't get exasperated with her ways and why she has a need to keep an advertisement from a quilt magazine subscription because she thinks the quilt pictured on the second page is really pretty. I get that. I love her quilts and she has a gob of them. Her eyesight is not what it used to be. Her hands and fingers tire easily so she doesn't put out the quilts like she used to. Her quilt lines are beginning to waver, not as straight as they were 20 years ago. We have a peer friendship. I take her as she is, because, thank you God, she takes me as I am! I am lucky to have her for a friend.  If you ever get the opportunity to be-friend someone like her, run to it! You would be so surprised at how much joy you can get from such a relationship.
                                                                           old woman Pictures, Images and Photos

Now, go quilt something...Elaine
(none of  the images are mine)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer is dragging on

So I haven't found out if my sister, the fantabulous Georgie, has made any of the disappearing 4 patches yet. I hope so, these are fun. No sewing for me today,
the earth family came for an inservice in downsizing. Yep, we

                                          downsized 8 lovely roosters to the freezer, via the chopping block. I fixed breakfast burritos for breakfast and told earthmama we would have a sort of  vegan lunch since this may not be an appetite pleasing day. My sweet little city kinda girl said she was kinda hoping for chicken! Ya gotta love the attitude.  So we roasted a bird....oh my sweet loving God, but it is so darn good that way! It was a different way for me to cook it. I saw a pic on someones blog and had to try it. I highly recommend it. I had my son cut the chicken  open from the bottom of the breast all the way to the neck. Then he opened the bird, and pushed it down until it was nearly flat, that's the different part for me. I then shook  coarse ground salt and pepper all over both sides and then rubbed it all over with olive oil and roasted on a rack @ 375 degrees until the wing popped free with minimal pressure. Unreal flavor. I would not have put the evoo first, just in case you're wondering if I didn't type that correct. I didn't want a ton of salt, so I did it my way. It was perfect. Very moist and tender, loved it, so did the kids. Big Daddy said he didn't east rooster....wht? Earthmama said it tastes like chicken...I love that girl! I also chose not to post pics of the "ordeal",  don't want to scare the kids.
Have a great Sunday, I have sewing to do, Elaine
I also found that I can get 2, not one but 2 jelly rolls in a flat rate envelope. I am very excited about this. And you should be too, wahoo! I have several jelly rolls in my etsy shop, so if you want 2, one seriously cheap shipping price for you!! I can also get up to 8 yards of fabric, of most fabrics, in one envelope! Pop over, I am adding new stuff every few days. If you want more then 1 item, convo me so I can find the cheapest shipping price for you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Just so you know

Dear sister

The disappearing 4 patch is NOT my design, in any way. I happened to visit this quilting forum and found this awesome pattern in the tutorials...and fell in love with it. I knew as a beginner quilter that you might want to also make it. I may have touched on redundancy...ya think?...with the directions, sorry Georgie! It was not easy for me to follow the forum tutorial, so I assumed you might have difficulties like I did....there is that redundancy thing again! So, do you think the tutorial , that your thin, gorgeous sister did, is a bit heavy? I better pop a few charm packs in the mail to you, lol!

Check out my shop....I changed it around a you like the pic I took of my little boy? I love it! I need to find my heels, job interview tomorrow, yuck! Love you sister...

Disappearing 4 patch for my sister!

Dear Georgie-Girl:
Here you go sister...a new pattern, just for you! I know you love the disappearing 9 patch...but, how about a 4 patch? Good, I'm glad you're intrigued, lol!
Look thru your 5" blocks until you find a bunch of lights and darks.
See the upper pic on the right? 2 dark patches and 2 light patches, sew them together, like the pic, press.
Now grab that shape cutter and center it on the seam line. I want to make 1 1/2" cuts, so I centered the ruler on the 1 1/2" slot. Now if you cut thru the 0 and the 3 slots, you will get the 1 1/2", from the center, on both sides...see it?
Now make 2 cuts, one of them in the #3 slot and the #0 slot. Lift your ruler, turn your mat half way around and do the same thing again...until you have 4 cuts.

This is what it looks like after the 4 cuts. Easy peasy so far.
If you're anything like me, you're going to go make a sandwich or go to bed before you finish this block. So, Just remember, turn the double logs...and keep your eye on that tricky little center 4 patch. If you can't remember how the strips match up...
...the center 4 patch matches up with the outside patches...see it sister? Yeah, the flower is correct, the block is brown, lol!

Now, start sewing the rows into sections with the 1/4" seam allowance. Once you get the 3 sections done, sew them together and you have finished...taa daa!

Now get busy sister, you have to make a bunch of them! When I am more awake, I'll figure out how many I want to make. So far, they are very addicting and go fairly quick.
Do you like this block? I found it on a new to me quilting site. I might have to get carried away and make a bundle or about you?
Love, sister

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thanks fellow bloggers

Wow, have I really ignored the pc for 11 days...yep, all except my email and my etsy shop. I wanted to let you ladies all know that I truly appreciated all of your kind words and virtual hugs. So, we all love our furry babies don't we? And then I think, no, never again, no more animals! Then my burro starts paging me when I go out to the pasture in the mornings, and makes me laugh so hard!
 And the neighbor cats have grown in numbers...and they stop by a few times a day for the buffet. I have to watch them eat...if I don't, the banties hear the kitties and try to join them at the buffet table.
                                                                                     Monday, my little Carmel, the bantie with the feathers on her feet...was killed by a dog, a black dog, perhaps a rottie? So, after my total meltdown, she was buried next to my baby. I seriously had a complete meltdown...SOMEONE in the same house is still a little nervous around me, bummer.
Poor little Carmel, yeah, I loved that fat little hen! I did snatch the cat food away from the chooks!
So, the bottom line, for me anyway...I wouldn't give up the companionship or that warm fuzzy feeling I get from any of my animals! They add so much to my life. You can't buy that. Thank you again, for your caring hearts~~~big hugs to you from me~~~Elaine

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'll get back when I can

I buried my best friend today and am not handling it well, sorry, I am in aa sorry state.
Her name was Christian...I called her baby.