Monday, October 31, 2011

Here's my reason

I haven't blogged in a week. My computer crashed so I had to buy another. The hubs hooked all the cords up to the back and moi got us online. I am now using picassa, thank you my fab friend downunder, Lizzy. No pics today, having an "interesting time" downloading in a new format, yadda, yadda. But I have to tell you why I may need bail money next Monday!

Every Monday I go to her house where we quilt, lie to each other and just generally be girlfriends. We do have a wee space in our ages, but we fellowship just fine. She "gets" me and I "get" her. My bff is 83, the one I am making the paperdoll quilt for.

We were sitting in her expansive sewing room today, sewing along, when she said she needed to go into the next room and write something down for her grocery list. She waits for one of her daughters to come every Wednesday, most months anyway, to take her to Wallyworld to shop. She did make the comment that it pretty well sucks to be her and depend on her daughter to take her shopping.

This is the conversation:

Me: so you only go shopping every Wednesday?
Bff: yes, unless I want to brave the roads to drive to Walmart on my own.
Me: how about if I come over next Monday am and take you into Dallas, we go to Krogers, we do a bit of shopping then go to this killer Chinese buffet. Heck, if we aren't careful, we might hit Hooters too!
Bff: oh, Hooters, I heard about that place.
Me: yep, the girls have big hooters but they say the chicken wings are yummo.
Bff: well, I think I need to see that.
Me: cool.

So here's the deal. When is the last time you took your grandmother to Hooters? And yes, I am taking my camera and buying her THE t-shirt! Could be fun...wanna go with us?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The center block

I am nearly finished with the embroidery on the center block, just the last word. The 2 dolls are going to flank the words. I can hardly wait to get them down! Wait until you see the fabric I chose for the "girls."

I found this spring type aluminum hoop for this quilt, no screws to tighten. I like it much better than the old one. I am going to get a pic of Helen's awesome hoop, hopefully this week.

Off to bed, work comes early...have a great week~~Elaine

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I want you to meet Bee in my Bonnet

I actually follow Lori Holt's blog, just a wee bit of a stalker, eh? If you haven't seen her blog, drop everything and head on over to see it. I would love to be one of her friends and go to her house.......I would encourage you to go back on her blog, be prepared to stay a long time so you can see everything she has in her house, including her to die for sewing room.  Check out her unique finds, the little gifts she makes, and before you know it, you'll be at Lucy's house!

She makes the most amazing quilts and sells her patterns on different web stores and also at some of her local quilt shops. I would highly recommend this quilt excessive shipping, packaging was very nice and the speed was super! There are more of the story quilts, family reunion, count your blessings, gardening, etc. Have fun, back to my embroidery on the doll section...

Friday, October 21, 2011

In between living....I love to quilt

Have you guys seen this quilt pattern? It's from Lori Holt at Bee in my Bonnet.

My bff, Helen, had a nice collection of paper dolls from when she was a little girl...Gloria Swanson, Shirley Temple, and many more girls of that bygone era. Her daughters are trying to help her downsize and one of them sold her dolls. I don't think she realized how she would grieve for them, but she is. She mentions them often.

She doesn't realize it, but I am making this quilt for her. But it is now Helen and Elaine, go figure! I have started in the center...

    I found the most awesome gray for the scissor it.                                                                     

I get to tackle the dolls next, wish me luck.

Have a great weekend...