Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lolo....nuff said

My bff Lo went back to work at place near my house. We worked together there for a few years. It was, without doubt, the best time I have had in my nursing career. Have you ever worked with someone you just meshed with...someone that KNEW what you were thinking before you thought it? Someone you would put your life in their hands? That's my bff Lolo. And when I found out she was the same age as my daughter, that just made it better. Kind of like working with your daughter in an objective way...if that makes sense. She lives a few hours from me and I don't get to see her often, so this is a bonus. She used to sleep here every Sunday, when we worked together, and eat dinner together with Big Daddy, then we would go back to work again. I hope she stops to see me in the morning. It is Sunday and we like to hold services, Church on the Porch. Good times.

Lolo's little friend Gracie Mae...I am babysitting...since Nov of last year, lol!


  1. Yes it is just great when you click with someone. Gracie Mae is cute.

  2. How wonderful, I hope you get to see her lots! Gracie Mae is darling!

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