Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Watching TV has consequences

The new season of Hoarders started last night. I am so in the mood to destash now, lol! So I have begun to add to my etsy shop some of my fabulous sewing room excess.
The first one added today is this DIY purse/tote/pillow kit. How about some cute little clutches for those Redneck bridesmaids on your list? You add the pattern or just make up your own as you go.
Please, please stop letting me watch those shows! Or, hop over to my shop and help me destash. Thanks, now back to ironing and cutting for me~~~Elaine


  1. Listen, I know I'm the only person in the world who does not understand etsy. I just went there and it said there were no listings for soggy bottom flats. What am I doing wrong..........again? Michele

  2. Oh girl - do NOT watch that show - it's not about quilters, who need to hoard stash, it's about people who can't throw out garbage! Fabric is NOT garbage. It's insurance against a day when you can't afford it for a time. And for when you can't just run out and get the right thing, right now.
    It is not hoarding...it is not hoarding....I'll keep saying it until I really believe it, lol!


  4. It is not hoarding ... besides I have been in the homes of true hoarders and it is truly unbelievable ... not the vision splendor of colorful stacks of fabric ....

  5. Even though we KNOW the two kinds of "colletions" are not the same, watching the TV program ALWAYS spurs me to clean something up. That program is so sad, and they are all the same!