Saturday, September 11, 2010

The shop name

I need to fess up the name of "the" shop to some ladies. Now keep in mind, I only ordered 2 charm packs, wrote a letter to them a few days later...and received 3 emails! Not computer generated either, but real emails...what? Yep. Sandy is a very sweet lady and her prices are very good, excellent really. And, if you do place an order...tell her you heard about her uber customer service from me, lol! She really deserves some niceness after me today.

 **This is Snow White. He is the MAN of the barn yard. I think he's gorgeous.**

This is what happens to bad little boys that attack she who cleans your home, feeds you, and makes mud pits in the hot weather for you. Bye Snowy, hope you enjoy your new freezer home! Love, mom


  1. Oh no! Poor Snow White. I hope he's tasty!

  2. Oh My, I hate when they attack, hope it's nice and cool where he's going.. ;o)

  3. OUCH!!! Not good to get attacked by Snowy. I agree he has to go.
    Will he attack someone???

  4. OMG!! When I read about your rooster I was immediately taken back to a time when i was a kid ... sitting in a swing in my cousin's backyard ... this rooster walked up to me and started pecking at my knee ... for no apparent reason, I was just sitting there. He didn't even run away when I started screaming. Stupid rooster ... I think we had chicken the next day !! I know I had a hole in my knee. Thanks for the memory, Elaine :-)

  5. I love your chickens! My rooster Wally is pretty agressive too and DH is always threatening to do him in. But I kinda like him. He's so beautiful and he does take good care of his hens. Thanks for the shop name. :)