Saturday, March 7, 2009

~~~Glamping with my girls~~~

I just received the latest issue of Mary Janes Farm and it's flying out the door...I better grab my issue quick. If you have not seen this magazine yet you are truly missing something. When the nice lady called and asked if I would carry it in my store, the conversation went kind of like this

Lady: Would you like to carry Mary Janes Farm in your shop?
Me: Ahhh, this is a quilt shop.
Lady: Oh this is perfect for you. There are sewing items, embroidery, crafty things and an organic edge geared towards women.
Me: ok

The best decision I have EVER made! Mary Jane Butters lives in Idaho and produces organic foods. She is possibly the biggest hero I have. This month they have an article on how to make your own oilcloth table cloth, fishing lure jewelry, etc. Last issue was dedicated to honey bees.

There is a really cute article on glamping this month complete with ladies and their glampers. It has inspired me to invite my daughters to go glamping at the end of October to the Texas coast. No husbands, kids or pets. No chili, spaghetti, or processed foods.

The girls are really looking forward to this. One daughter lives in Cali the other in Wash state. Now I just have to find leopard print midi pants for all 3 of us, lol!

I love Mary Janes Farm!

Baltimore Album~~~bitten by the bug!

I have had a blast perusing other quilters blogs about everything quilty and have decided I have been an absolute chicken in regards to applique. What am I thinking? I am not I?...maybe overwhelmed, yeah, that's it. I am in awe when I see other renditions of Baltimore Album style quilts. Why am I procrastinating? I think I should just do it and quit whining.

I have TONS, no really, TONS of old quilt magazines hanging out at my house. I can't help myself. I have found that it may not appeal to me now, but maybe in a few years...I hate being a packrat. I have had this magazine around for ages. It's dated June 1989 and is filled with tulip patterns. I, however, fell in love with the cover quilt. It has gorgeous watermelon borders. I think I have the perfect fabrics for it. Mostly Moda fabrics and a yummy yellow Kona Cotton. I better get going...

Freezer paper, pens/pencils, pins, scissors....yep, wish me luck!

Friday, March 6, 2009

~~Another beautiful spring day in Texas~~

I love goats...for pets. We had goats in Washington state that we loved lots. Lucy, Jane and Annie goats. Lucy and Jane were nubians and Annie...only her momma and daddy knew! I helped Lucy deliver her first kid. Of course I had to run in the house for "the" goat book and figure out from pics that she was NOT doing it per book! omg, I'm gonna put my hand WHERE and with the neighbor children watching. Their momma asked if they could. You know, live in the country, you SHOULD know what animals do. Lucy...she lived, so did her kid. She refused to nurse it though. My sweet spouse took all the newborn kids...since goats decide to kid all at the same time...Lucys kid, Janes and Annies the front seat of his pickup to the vet @12 miles away to get their horns burned off. He said all was well until people noticed he had 4 baby goats in his truck. Makes me laugh just thinking about it 20 years later.

We were given the buck, white with brown head/neck. We had to buy the girl since he needed a room mate. So imagine our surprise when my husband and 30/yo son heard a strange noise in the goat condo.

Welcome Krista the new baby girl! The first pic of her and momma are the day she was born on 20 December, my daughter in laws birthday. Since her name is Kristina, the baby HAD to be named Krista. She doesn't eat goats either...thank you Jesus.

They all had to come into the backyard yesterday to eat leaves and twigs. Goats need that to stay healthy. If they develop a cough or runny nose...leaves and twigs. They are so sweet and friendly. I just had to share a pic for you.

Back to housework...ugh! Elaine