Saturday, September 11, 2010

Upcycled fun

Ms.Lottie had found an interestingly gorgeous piece of stitchery from an op shop about the same time I was busy putting my newfound stitchery to a new up-cycled use. This is my new knitting needle case,  with the addition of a few  scrap bag finds.
I had a left over piece of batting and leftover ribbons. Perfect.
I machine quilted several rows and had some leftover binding that was a good fit, in color and length. Since the lacy edge was tattered in a number of places, I had no guilt covering it up.

Now I have a place for my knitting needles and have saved a vintage stitchery from who knows what.

I love not using patterns, sometimes it even turns out to my liking. I love my new case!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with my double point needles and all my crochet hooks! Wish me luck, Elaine


  1. The needle case is lovely - I love the stitchery too and so glad it is saved from some ghastly end! So clever....
    PS - We have the same postal problems here in Aus!

  2. So you make two more, one for your double points(I actually have two, one for regular dps and one for small and sock dps)and then another for your crochet hooks. I personally have four, and I always reach for the right one! So, what do you do with your circulars? I use one of those cases that hangs on a coat hanger!

  3. I have my grandmothers knitting needles. I also have some of her needleworked linens. What a great idea, thanks for sharing.


  4. Oh that's really cute! My stitchery is still sitting on the desk keeping me company while I type to you! But you've got me thinking....

  5. That is just GORGEOUS - what a great project! Way to save some linens, girl!