Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh I do love my Accuquilt Go!

So I decided to get busy, since I am always left behind, and get that go-cutter out and go crazy with it!
Not reading directions first, geez, I went ahead and cut my fabrics @ 10" wide and placed it on the die.
Now place the well used cover on the top....
...Pop the die under the roller and wind your way to happiness!
Oh sweet Lord, check it out....perfect 2 1/2" fabric strips, from selvage edge to selvage edge.
Now this is the part that I went to the, yeah, I can read! If you initially cut your fabrics @ 8 1/2" wide, your waste is minimal...duh! But, not to worry. See those 2 strips, crosswise...well, they are going in my string quilt! Perfect. So did I cut the initial cuts down...nah, I kinda like the string quilt idea.
The new cuts are in my etsy shop. I love the cuts on my Accuquilt-go cutter. No pinked edges make me happy!
I was kind of curious about my hand dyed wool in the, what the heck.
Can you believe how wonderful this is for me? I didn't cut the wool down, just fooling around with it.
Yep, it's a keeper!
So I tried again, cutting the wool down, a bit close, huh?
Oh sweet!
I have no control now, these are fun! Oh, and I do sell these machines. Email me if you're interested. I'll even pay your shipping, wahoo! Now, where is my next piece of wool...?
Thanks for all your kind comments, take care, now I'm off to  quilt something, Elaine


  1. WOW I needed that thingy when I was doing the Bargello.
    I'm loving your circles too

  2. Great 2.5" strips and you got strings for your string quilt too...the Go cutter is a winner. I will get mine on Wednesday and can't wait to try it out.

  3. How cool that it works for wool too! What a sweet way to cut circles! :0)

  4. Hi Elaine - you are going to be playing with that new toy a lot I think.... I see quite a few people have them but you are the first I have seen using wool felt....