Saturday, September 11, 2010

My red face

So I bought 2 charm packs online from an independent quilt shop 2 1/2 weeks ago. It did not arrive until today....after I wrote an unpleasant and downright rude note to the shop. I had paid for priority mail. *Did you know that priority mail is not guaranteed to arrive in 2 days? Even if you pay the priority price, that means zilch to them, those nice postal people. It actually means you are goofy for paying that extra amount. If you REALLY want to know when the package arrives, you have to purchase the tracking numbers.* The package arrived today. The lady at the shop was sooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet and gracious.....and I was not. heartfelt apologies, I would call and beg forgiveness but my foot is trapped in my mouth!

The post mark on the package stated it was mailed on the 1st of Sept, today is the 11th....what the heck? It was not the shops fault. Ahhhh, hello, Mr. Postmaster....are ya delivering packages via mules? I think Tennessee is really not that far from Texas.

So I am telling you this to maybe save another dumbass like me from shooting their mouth off without hearing the whole story. Oh, the almost best part...the nice lady wrote back immediately and said according to her tracking numbers, the package was delivered yesterday!

I would highly recommend this shop...the prices are better then most shops and they like sleep on the computer...all correspondence is answered in a timely manner. Future online shopping to be done here for me.

So today I am embarrassed, humble and contrite. Just saying is all.


  1. But you didn't tell us which shop it is.... wanting all that nicely priced fabric for yourself???? :)

  2. That's true, come on Elaine, 'fess up the name of the lovely shop and lady :)

  3. What is up with our mail system anyway. Did you know it takes 2 weeks for a letter to get to Canada? I told my friend in Canada to look for horseshi_ on the next letter because they must be using Pony Express to save money. How can it take 11 days from Tenn to Tx? You could almost walk it there that fast. Snail mail is right.

  4. Oops - well, you apologized, so that's good. Wonder what took them so long??? I mailed something off Friday, she asked if I wanted to pay priority, which would mean it would get there the same day as first class - couldn't believe she told me that.