Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More goodies for my giveaway

I am adding 3 little patterns, 3 balls of #8 overdyed Valdani perle cottons and a packet of needles, all for the giveaway. Little plant pokes and a Snowman mini table runner. Just some fun stuff to get you started on wool!

Please go to the post, 200th post giveaway, to enter for the prize package of wooly stuff, thank you.

Back to getting ready for my yardsale, Elaine


  1. I love all this fun stuff you have added.

  2. You're having fun, aren't you? LOL! Good luck with your garage sale - oh how I hate doing them, but I'm glad when they're over!

  3. cute stuff, never tried that kind of thread yet either!! Thanks

  4. You's better be careful! That box is getting big!

  5. I haven't visited for ages.... lack of time... and now you are having a giveaway. Wow what lucky timing. Please enter me in your draw as well. Big happy smiles, Gloria