Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still cutting circles for my giveaway

I am still cutting some circles out and sorting the sizes in each of 3 bags. You wouldn't believe what a pleasure it is with the Accuquilt Go die to cut the circles out! My mind is racing at the possibilites...

I talked with the nice lady at Accuquilt today and asked about the new basket die....I want it now...please.
I had a friend send an email about the Accuquilt go cutter and thought I would answer any question(s) you might have about it.
Yes, I carry the Go-Cutters in my shop. Yes I can ship them overseas! Wahoo, be the first down under to own the Accuquilt-Go cutter!!
I am getting ready for a yard sale. I have to quit watching hoarders! But to alleviate any fears, no I have NOT put any fabric out to sell, lol.

Nearly time for bed, you'all sleep well, later, Elaine


  1. I keep saying I would love to be the first to have a Go cutter in Australia but Random.org doesnt listen and does not draw out my number in any of the giveaways and Accuquilt on FaceBook just doesnt listen either....*sigh*..hehehe one day I will have one :)

  2. I look forward to seeing who will be the first in Australia to get a GO! So many OZ quilters are very talented that I'm sure they'll create some realy fun items with the AccuQuilt.

    Cute post Elaine.


  3. I'm with Vicki, I'm hanging for a go cutter but haven't managed it yet. I keep trying though..!! You must be doing circles in your sleep the amount you've made...

  4. I am getting dizzy looking at all these circles. Dizzy with ideas. A basket die??? Now that would be great to make a flower basket quilt with these circles for flowers. Oh! here I go again.

  5. I think if I had one of these handy dandy little machines, I'd become a cutter instead of a quilter! Glad you're having fun!