Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon

I went over to my little friend Helen's house, my little elderly friend and helped her with a project she wanted to do. She told me she is not allowed to sew on Sunday...because as a little girl, her mother had said so. But she wanted "something" sewn and said I could, no problem. I asked if it was for perhaps  a religious reason...nope, but her mom had said so. You have to love that! She is 82.

Look what I found at the Goodwill? Great carosel cans, perfect lids too! $1.99 each, standard button box size, don't you think?
I need to finish up some felted woolys for my shop. Halloween is coming up! I also have a few other things to finish up. I just seem to keep starting new projects and piling up those ufo's. I need to just FINISH SOMETHING!!!
I asked my friend Jeanne if she wanted to make a 30's repro quilt, a smaller then normal, Dresden plate. I think it would be fun, but darn it, she is going to finish her current project first. If only I were so commited! Thats ok with me, I don't seem to be in a big hurry either. What I need to do is keep working on my sewing room cleanup and purge. Wish me luck on that one! Later, moi


  1. Your Little friend sounds lovely.

    I love tins too and those are great.

    Jeanne is a good girl. I would have started another project.

  2. Good find at the goodwill shop. Don't you just love it when you find a treasure, enjoyed reading all your posts well not all but a few.

  3. Love those tins !! My grandparent had a farm in Virginia and only the very essential work was done on Sunday ... like eating, milking cows etc. No field work or housework etc. Stores were also closed. In some areas there were laws called Sunday Blue laws regarding not working on Sundays. Never knew why or how it originated.

  4. Hm - I don't sew on Sunday either - my grandmother used to say sew on Sunday, rip on Monday, and it seems to have stuck! Oh my gosh I LOVE those carousel tins, WHAT A FIND! Perfect button boxes.
    My goal this month is to finish something- anything - at least ONE thing!

  5. Love those tins! and your black cat pillow. I am not a good finisher,but hope to finish at least one quilt this month.

  6. What a great find. Those tins will be perfect for buttons.