Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What do you do when the love is not there...

...give it away! So I was putzing around in my sewing scraps and cut some  squares out and began sewing them up....then I realized the love was not there. I do not like them. Not at all. I want them gone. Now, please feel sorry for me and take them. Please? The first person that tells me they want them and why, gets them! Oh, and a little Moda Bella Snow, kind of an eggshell sweet color and cut into 1 1/2" strips. My sewing room thanks you, so does my husband...Elaine
Oh, and since this is my 200th post, I'll have to post a giveaway tomorrow, stay tuned!


  1. Oh I would love them to make a beautiful quilt for to cuddle under.
    thanks Elaine.

  2. Congratulaions on your 200th post. Will have to visit again tomorrow.

  3. Guess I'm too late for the blocks! I would have used them for a Project Linus quilt! Can't wait to see your giveaway tomorrow! :0)

  4. That is me a day late and a dollar short. I will be back tomorrow for sure.

  5. Good on you, Elaine. I would have battled through a bit more then put it in my WIP's box, then hated it for a year, then tried to finish it a few more times.....etc etc. Much more satisfying to just pass it on to someone who wants it.