Friday, September 24, 2010

Working with wool

If you have never worked with wool, do give it a try.  You really can't hurt it. I have been buying woolens for several years and felting them at home. I would only buy 100% wools and some mixed fibers, if they were the right colors! I could buy wool off the bolt...but how often do you see "that" orange or green? I really love the tweeds, plaids and nubby textures some of the woolens have.

So this is how I have amassed the tonnage of woolens. IF YOU ARE MS.LOTTIE, STOP READING NOW!! I buy the wool blankets, coats, skirts, etc. that I usually pick up for $2. or less and cut them up! Remove all the buttons~~~fodder for the button jar~~take the clothing apart at the seams and remove as much as the facing as you can. Now wash the pieces in very hot water with detergent (I use my homemade laundry soap), rinse in cold water. Then dry in a hot dryer. You will need to clean the lint trap often. Now if you're weird like me, you'll save that wooly lint for your next pin cushion!

I use a steam iron and press the wool very well. Pour on the water, and if you find a piece of wool that doesn't hold up to this process, toss it! Not worth keeping, it's best to just use the better pieces.

I'm sure everyone has their own way of creating their own woolens for felted wool applique, this is just mine. I have talked about this before but some of you are new. Don't be afraid to experiment.

I have tried to add pics tonight but blogger is acting like my ex-husband, AGAIN! Take my word for it, they are very professional pics, tasteful, perfect lighting.....losing you, aren't I?

So today I have found some pale cantalope ovals...perfect for a fall rug! I am adding one of these to the circles...who knows what I will add to the booty tomorrow. Off to my baby boys for his birthday celebration....will be an all day affair. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes...kind of a celebration of his birth. I can't wait...this is the earthdaddy.

Now, if I can figure out what blogger is doing with the pics and adding them! I have tried to add some pics to no sorry.

In the meantime, I have had a few inquiries into the scraps I am knee deep in. If you would like some of the funky scraps, I would be happy to send some to you for the postage only. The flat rate envelopes are $4.90 and I can stuff alot in them! Let me know and I'll start stuffing some of them for you quilters. For overseas, if you want to pay the postage, I would be happy to send some to you as well. Just let me know how much postage you want to pay and I can prepare some scraps to equal that amount.

If you're new, please go to the 200th post giveaway, to enter for the circles, etc. Thank you and good evening, Elaine


  1. you tell me how to get it to you and I'll take a couple, one darks, one lights, gotta start sometime, might as well be with scraps.

  2. hm mm an ex-husband that acts like blogger? Must have been an aggravating so and so.
    All kinds of fun stuff to do with those scraps, I will take an envelope, I will send an email to get your address to send the money and then load me up an envelope full.

  3. I had a ex husband like that, but probably more aggravating than blogger. Apologies Elaine for not being in contact life has been trying but I do make the time to read your blog. Jeannette from NZ

  4. Like I was ever going to stop reading!!!! xxx you are a doll!

    I had a few hiccups adding pics tonight too, but then I just clicked on the pic with the red x and it still added my pic (contrary huh? Just like my hubby ;)

  5. I'll take two envelopes if you have them! Don't know why I need two, but I WANT two! LOL I'm emailing you now! :0)

  6. I would love to work with wool - but unfortunately wool doesn't like me! It sets me to itchin'. Wonder what's up with Blogger???

    Enjoy the birthday party, the food sounds yummy!