Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a wonderful surprise!

I opened my email this morning, and nearly fell over reading the following letter:

Dear Elaine,

I came across your blog some weeks ago and I liked your tutorial of the disappearing 4 patch very much.

I started patchworking and quilting in October last year and I am still a real beginner but very eager to progress and to learn. Internet is a great place to find all kinds of ideas, tutorials and tecniques. Once per week I attend patchwork classes and I really enjoy it a lot: my teacher (Concha - is more a friend than a teacher and our group (we call us "las chicas de oro" - the golden girls) is a bunch of 8 women of different ages, different origins and cultural backgrounds but we form a wonderful group of women who found in patchworking a way of having a great time together.

Sorry if I make mistakes in my English, but it's a lot of time ago that I haven't used it and I am afraid it is somewhat "rusted".

I love reading your blog, your entries about your family, friendship, your animals (I am so sorry for your dog Christian's death... I have a lady-dog.. her name is Linda and she is 13 years old... I do not want to imagine my desperation the day she will not be with me...), your new-found sister, your life in Texas... I adore your home's porch! Such a porch is one of my unfulfilled dreams... the rocking chair... the flowers... nature....

Your posts transmit warmth, sensitivity and I think you must be a caring, cheerful and sensitive woman.

And now the reason of my mail... I wanted to show you my version of the disappearing 4 patch. I am planning a quilt for my grandaughter's bed. Her name is Brisa (Breeze in English) and she is a wonderful charming little lady of 1 year 1/2. After finishing her quilt, I will make the same (but with other colour combinations) for Niko, my grandson (he is 3).

I send you a foto of my two little sunshines and the disappearing 4 patches.

Lots of hugs from Spain,


I immediately wrote back to Rose and asked her permission to post her letter and pics and she graciously gave permission for me to post them. I love her blocks! Are they just the cutest? I went to her blog and also her teachers blog...these ladies are so delightful! I was humbled by Roses' letter. I want to thank whomever came up with blogs, for bringing me ladies, just like Rose, into my life!
A quick sidenote, when you go to these blogs, you better fix a snack and a hot cup of tea! Until next time, take care and just know that you do make a difference~~~Elaine


  1. How sweet is that!!!! Those children are just precious, so beautiful, and her quilt is looking very lovely - don't you just love blogland!!!

  2. That is so touching. What a lovely email to receive. I love the fabrics Rose has used in her blocks

  3. What a wonderful treat in your email!

  4. What a beautiful post. what gorgeous kids.
    Love the disappearing four patch too. Will check out the blogs in the morning.Thanks for the links

  5. What a rich gift to receive ... acknowledgement that who you are makes a difference in this big world. Soggy Bottom is one of the first blogs I found in my wanderings as I entered this world of blogging ... just a few months ago. Thank you for being you, Joanne

  6. That is so neat! I always say the world is 99% good people; they just don't get the publicity that the other 1% do.