Friday, February 27, 2009

Which quilt do I chose...and long stitch is me...!

A very good friend of mine from Minnesota is here for the week selling vintage items at the flea market. She loves our weather~~~84 wahooooooo~~and asked me to cut a kit for her daughter. I had only had it done in flannels and like to include a pic of the finished quilt with the kit. She wanted it done in a mostly blue colorway. I made the top in the colors she chose and placed some more blues in the "other" colors. Now I just can't make up my mind which I like better. I decided since I was fooling around I had better get going on my Christmas quilts and am busy sewing one for one of my kids' presents. Little buggers might read this so I won't tell! She doesn't want flannel but the other 2 do, go figure! I made a chocolate and cherries for my little neighbor girl. I am planning on big stitches with overdyed Valdani threads, yummy! Let me know what ya'll think of the 2 blues and/or chocolate. Have a great weekend...Elaine

Monday, February 23, 2009

Waiting on a man~~~

My husband asked if I wanted to go with him to a gun show. I took a handful of piecing and embroidery projects to work on. I would just as soon sit in the truck and let my husband take his time, not have to answer my goofy questions and wander at his leisure. We actually do this for each other...he sits in the truck while I wander the aisles at my favorite thrift stores.

After he was done we hit our favorite antique shop...if you ever get to Terrell, Texas and you have the time...and you love shabby chic, this is the place to visit. I didn't remember my camera...ughhhh!!!...but next time I won't. I believe it's 2 ladies and they specialize in shabby chic, 30's French apartment, linens, architectural elements from old buildings and just fun stuff. I have to go back very soon and take my camera. I told the lady I wanted to work there. She has a blog at but no pics as of this am, bummer. I guess I will have to try some next week..hopefully.

We had a great weekend together, polished off the day with bar-b-que from our favorite restaurant in Canton.

I better get my shop ready for First Monday. Wahoo. Have a great week, Elaine

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Looking for this southern belle quilt pattern

I had to get out of the house. Ever have one of those days? I was vegetating and becoming sedentary and slovenly. So I forced myself to dress up a bit and call on an old friend...someone I hadn't seen in a few years.

I called on a sweet lady that creates some of the most awesome quilts, table linens and embroidery. It is one of those ladies you wished you had had as a grandmother or aunt. This lady is so talented and well versed in the needle arts. I wish I had half of her talent. As we were talking I asked her what she was working on and she showed me a gorgeous black and white, just beautiful. She only hand quilts and "doesn't mess with table or wall quilts" as she explained but makes bed quilts to pass on to her children, gchildren, and ggchildren. She gave me show and tell of some awesome quilts: embroidery, applique and pieced. I love her quilts!

She asked me if I had a pattern for this quilt or where she could find it. It appears to be like a southern belle pattern with a hankie for her skirt (perhaps not sewn down?) and hankie corners appliqued on the borders. I have worn myself crazy trying to find it on google and tons of sites. Does anyone have this pattern? Does anyone know where I can buy it? She has her heart set on doing this pattern. I am not sure where she even got this page from. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a ton of patterns in my personal stash...or should I say my over expanded sewing room...if anyone is in need of one. I might also add that I am looking for the pattern friendship dahlia or baby dahlia. Thanks tons!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My version of a classic~~~

One of my biggest thrills in life is to find a true vintage or antique quilt. Even if it's in poor shape, I love it. I have found that in this part of the country, East Texas, I have found some true treasures. The prices have shot up dramatically in the past 5 years since I have been buying but it doesn't seem to stop me.

I wanted to share one of these little gems. After a lot of research, baby dahlia seems to be the name. I am sure there are a dozen more, but I settled on baby dahlia. I found a row of torn, dirty and sad blocks in disrepair and bought them anyway. Always the orphan hunter! I put my own spin on them and made them into a table runner. As luck would have it my wild flowers were cooperating and so was my camera. I made some into kits for my shop selling for $29.99. I enjoyed putting this runner together (20" x 46"), a little applique (running stitch), embroidery and hand quilting. It's rather difficult to see but I added a ton of french knots in the center. The kit includes the backing. All you have to add is the pearl cotton,( I love the look and feel of Valdani threads for most of my needs) needle, batting, freezer paper and thread for piecing and quilting.

I need to get back to my sewing room...rearranging my stash...and settling my shop into place. Hoping you have a wonderful day...Elaine

Monday, February 16, 2009

Gardening, grandmas and quilts.

I was born and raised in the NW part of Washington state. Summer MIGHT arrive in June. Spring was usually preceded with April rain...the whole month. We were hating winter so after my husband retired from his job he told me to do as I wished about living where I wanted. Hello...Southwest USA, here we come!

We have lived here and loved the weather since 2000. I finally have a great spot for a garden. Last year my dh rototilled it under once and nothing grew, except the pasture grass. I visited with lots of farmers from my area and gleaned tons of info about gardening in East Texas. So now I am out and busting the sod with a shovel...turning over the shovel length of sod, letting the soil dry and reclaiming it for the garden. The horses, burro and goats are helping me out by snacking on the dried roots. Dh thinks I am nuts, my son didn't think I could (after all mom, you aren't exactly a spring chicken) so with those motivating factors I did and am loving it. I have lots of time to think and be one with the dirt. I wonder if this is the way the pioneer ladies did it? I wonder, did their husbands help them with their gardens or was it perceived to be womens and childrens work? I wonder about my grandmothers. I wish I could go back and ask them if they were responsible for things like that. I remember my one little grandma raising, killing, plucking, cutting and freezing chickens. Just one of her chores. Oh my God, she was so awesome. That woman was my biggest hero. My brothers and I used to spend lots of summers at her farm. It was so great for us growing up. Sunshine, no TV, dawn to dusk playing outdoors. We had our room with really thick utility quilts on the beds. They were twin size and were tied. The patchwork varied in sizes and contained denim, chambray and wool. That is about all I remember about them. I have no idea who made them or even when they came to be. All I know is whenever I see a utility quilt I have to at least touch it and smile.

The sun is out and the dirt is calling. I need to set my heirloom tomatoes, peppers, cantalopes and flowers in the sun and go dig some sod!