Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A giveaway to celebrate our Independence Day

I am in the process of re-stocking my batting in my brick and mortar. I would love to hear your thoughts on:

What batting do you use ?
Cotton, poly, bamboo, soy, wool?
Pre-packaged or off the bolt/roll?
Machine or hand quilting...do you buy different batts for either?
Warm and Natural, Legacy, Hobbs, Luna, or ?
Does the cost alter your choice?

I have a Red, White and Blue quilt kit, designed by moi,  to giveaway, if you answer my questions please!  Why, yes it is a baby/toddler/lap size quilt! I'll draw a winner the 4th of July, toss me some answers and I'll put your name in the draw. You will have to return to my blog on the 4th to see if you are a winner if you wish to remain private or you don't have a blog. Of course you can enter if you don't live in the US! That's how I roll. Thanks, Elaine
Did ya notice, I didn't mention the goofy chooks!


  1. Hi Elaine, been catching up with your blog now that I've found a computer! Glad you liked the parcel - you're very welcome. And your dog is NAUGHTY! (but very cute - so are your chickens).

    Now, batting:
    You know I use wool blankets for lots of stuff but I do buy batting too sometimes.
    I prefer natural fibers like cotton or wool because I'm a natural kinda girl and I find they breathe better. And I've had yucky bearding from polyesters.

    I tend to buy cotton batting from a roll that we have at our guild (cheaper price 'cause we bulk buy). I use cotton if I'm posting because it's lighter than wool.

    I've bought a cheap wool batting once and it shrunk, shrunk, shrunk so that you couldn't even tell what was on the quilt top (must post a pic one day!) so I'm careful about quality and will pay a bit extra for piece of mind.

    I think Bamboo is a bit of a bamboozle if people are buying it because they think it's 'green'. Apparently it's just kinda viscose and the processing that goes into making it a usuable fibre uses a heck of a lot of petrochemicals.

    I don't hand quilt so don't buy different battings for that. But I do use really lightweight pellon for batting wallhangings to reduce weight and droop.

    Is that enough question answering to put my name in for that kit??!!

  2. I have bought bamboo batting and love it. Although I havent washed it yet so not sure if it shrinks. I have hand quilted but love machine quilting especially profesional...which I am not. If I was going to use a quilt for warmth then I would look for warm batting otherwise I go for a thinner one. Cost doesnt play a part...depends on what thickness I want the quilt.

  3. Okay I use mainly a Matilda's Own Poly because it is cheap and it is great for Charity quilts (which I make a lot of) and also kids ones. It also washes like a rag.
    I buy it of the roll, usually at least 20mts as I do not live close to the store and like it on hand.
    Up till now I have only machine quilted but would love to do one by hand one day.

    Elaine I love your chooks and other pets.

  4. I use warm and natural cotton batting by the roll. I have never used anything else.

  5. I have always used cotton batting but know that some of my friends have tried polyester for different projects. I'm still new enough at quilting that I have a lot more to learn about it.

  6. Living in a rural area, batts are scarce. I would prefer cotton and want to someday try wool...our northern Maine winters are cold cold! I have used poly too and it's ok...guess I'm not too picky. When I travel, I try to stock up. Had a quilt teacher who bought in quantity and sold to us at a discount...great teacher!

  7. GORGEOUS quilt!!!!! Batting - well, because of cost issues, I mostly use flannel sheets. But for hand-quilting, I love Warm and Natural. I've not tried the others - I'd love to, but cost prohibits.
    Is that your porch? Girl, I swoon!

  8. I can't sleep under a poly batt, it doesn't breathe so I always go for something natural. I stick to the thinnest Quilters dream cotton for hand quilting because it has no scrim and behaves. I have just tried my fist Quilters Dream Orient, cotton, silk, tencel and bamboo. It washed up wonderfully and I'd definitely use it for machine quilting and big stitch again without any qualms. I've heard some negative experiences with bamboo after washing and don't know if it's a brand problem but I'm staying clear of it.
    I've used wool and wool mixes but have to admit that moths concern me so try not to use it for quilts that I want to last a long time.
    Great quilt by the way! Perfect for your July 4th.

  9. Hmm, well you know I don't machine quilt (yet, wait for press release!!) so I can only give you my opinions on hand quilting. I prefer warm and natural wool, I love the drape and it's so easy on the hands when I'm stitching. I have used bamboo twice and I really love it! It's easy to quilt, the needle slides through like butter, it's warm though on your lap, which means it's also warm on the bed!! I haven't had any trouble with washing, both of the ones I made were for pre-teen granddaughters and trust me, they're tough on quilts! I prefer to buy on the roll, just find the pre-cuts are a bit of a waste of money and I like to have plenty on hand...
    Hope it all helps, love the quilt and how cool is it that your national colours are the same as our flag colours so I could use it for Australia Day ;o)

  10. I go for cheap by the yard poly batting. I like the higher loft stuff so that I get a nice puffy look after machine quilting. If cost were not an issue I would probally go for the natural batting but cost is a factor and I can turn out a lot more quilts when I can get the batting on sale for $2.49 a yard.

  11. hello!
    it's my first visit here, but certainly not the last. and the quilt you are giving away is just great, even though i'm not american :)
    i haven't made many quilts so far, but i can tell you from my little experience that i used bamboo cotton for a baby quilt and loved it. i bought some meters. but previous to that i had also used a pre-cut cotton batting, already in the measures of a crib quilt. it was so practical, let me tell you! i also used whool batting once, with flannel backing, but that was just because it was a quilt intended to really really really keep someone warm.
    i always quilt by machine, but i have been warned against handquilting whool batting quilts. something to do with not being able to use your wrist and hands properly for about a year :)
    i'm having a giveaway as well, so you are very welcomed at my blog!

  12. Hey Ho, I have thus far used all cotton, all poly, all wool, and the silk blend batting. 90% hand quilting, as I simply loathe hassling with the bulk in my sewing machine, and I much prefer the look and feel of hand quilting. Price is of interest, but not a deal breaker. I have nowhere to keep batting in bulk, so I buy prepackaged. I have tried a number of brands, and loved the Matilda but can't seem to find it anymore. Have a fantastic 4th, and if you've no plans c'mon down here and we'll feed ya and stun you with explosives. Michele

  13. I tried to post the other day, but had problems. As my comment doesn't show up, I'm trying it again.

    My favorite batting is Dream Cotton/Dream Request. But I'm very interested in trying the new bamboo battings that are showing up. I also picked up samples of Pellon's new line of batting, at a quilt show. Love their samples, but have not yet been able to find any of the new Pellon battings in any store.


    PS - I did get a shout out about your giveaway: http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html

  14. I use cotton batting for my quilts and for my charity quilts I use the poly
    I normally buy the pre packaged.
    I machine quilt
    and I like the warm and natural product.
    supplies for my family quilts I use the best I can find and while I look for sales I will buy what I need when I need it no matter the cost.
    Charity quilts I have to watch my pennies so I always look for a sale.

  15. Hi! Hope you are having a wonderful Summer!
    I like Dream-Request cotton for machine quilting and the lightest,lowest poly I can find for my hand quilting.
    Thanks for sharing,Love,Linda


  16. I use warm & white or warm & natural batting off the bolt for machine or handquilting. I purchased a bag of wool batting once, but it's still in the bag. I guess I just love cotton!

  17. Hi- I love wool or cotton - natural batting. I have never tried bamboo... I buy it from the bolt usually. Hand and machine stitching.. does not make a diff. I use the same. Thanks for the chance! Colleen

  18. I've totally switched to wool batting. I love the way it quilts. I love the "poof" that I get when I quilt around my applique. It's the best. Lynn

  19. What batting do you use ? - Warm and Natural is my weapon of choice.
    Cotton, poly, bamboo, soy, wool? At this point, ONLY cotton. I've heard great things about bamboo, but haven't splurged yet. Wool is too heavy for my tastes.
    Pre-packaged or off the bolt/roll? Roll, unless I'm broke, then pre-packaged to get me through :)
    Machine or hand quilting...do you buy different batts for either? I'm a machine quilter. I do want to attempt hand quilting on an heirloom piece for our bedroom, but haven't made it yet so haven't ventured into hand quilting.
    Warm and Natural, Legacy, Hobbs, Luna, or ? Warm and Natural all the way.
    Does the cost alter your choice? Semi. I won't go for anything less than Warm and Natural anymore. Cotton/poly blends are a huge pain, and i just hate working with them, so the extra cost of warm and natural is easily justified. But I haven't convinced myself to splurge on bamboo yet.


  20. I use either hobbs 80/20 or warm and natural/white. love the hand on both of these. I have some silk batting that I need to use. Maybe I will in the current quilt.

  21. Hello from Washington DC. (or near abouts). I am a newbie's newbie to quilting so take that into consideration when reading my comments :)! I have recently tried bamboo batting, which was really easy to work with. I bought a roll of it, as opposed to prepackaged because my bed is a european sized queen (made in Uganda), and all the packaged batting I could find were US size queen. All the other batting I use is cotton batting from Quilters Dream. Not so much that I like working with that company's batting more than others, than it's a purchase from the heart as the son of the owner (of Quilters Dream) battled ALS. I machine quilt so I don't know yet, the trials and tribulations (or victories) of hand quilting with different battings. I did splurge with the cost of the bamboo because I was interested in its hypoallergetic qualities and yes, I had a coupon for 1/2 off....whoohoo!
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  22. Hey Friend, thanks for checking on me. Some chicken soup may help me, but don't let your feathered children hear that. On to the questions.
    I usually use cotton or wool batting. I buy it pre-packaged just because it is easier to have on hand that way. I save the scraps for small projects. I hand and machine quilt and I guess that is why I use the wool or cotton, easier to quilt by hand and I like the old look. I have used warm and natural, hobbs and another I can't remember the name. Cost concerns me when I am making something I am not using for long or will not wash. Then I buy cheap and poly, but if I am keeping or giving with the intention it will be kept and used. I will most likely use cotton and hope I have a coupon to offset cost. I made my daughter a quilt when she went off to college, went to the quilt shop bought everything from the pattern to the thread, batiks, backing, batting...quite costly, but she still has the quilt and it still looks nice.

  23. Happy 4th! I prefer cotton or other naturals. But, I recently became unemployed and for large quilts will use nice fluffy blankets from the thrift store.

  24. What a wonderful way to celebrate the USA!!

    1. I use cotton batting. I love the feel and how it works with the cotton fabrics used in a quilt. I buy it prepackaged because it's easier for me to store and cary. I use the same batting for both projects. I usually machine quilt but am really getting into hand quilting. Hobbs is my brand of choice. It depends if it's on sale sometimes and how tight the budget is at the time. But I prefer the Hobbs no matter what.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  25. What batting do you use ? I use cotton batting probably all the time, and it's usually off the roll. I machine quilt and use the same batting not matter what--Warm and Natural mainly, but I have used Hobbs before. Cost doesn't alter...if I need it, I need it and just save up for it. I'd love to be entered to win your wonderful 4th of July giveaway.. my b'day is July 2nd so I'll still be celebrating all weekend! :)

  26. Interesting questions! I prefer cotton, specifically Warm and Natural from the bolt, but, honestly, I'll take whatever I can get with my JoAnn's coupon! I'm not a hand quilter, so I can't help with that question. I've never tried Hobbs. I'll keep my eye out for that.

    Happy 4th! Thanks for the cool giveaway.

  27. I can't beleive it...I just wrote a long answer and it didn't go through and got deleted...grrrrrrr! Lets try it again.
    Hi Elaine...what I won't do to enter a Giveaway.
    Cost always plays a role with me. Here in Germany batting comes off the roll (per meter) and goes from expensive to insain! Needless to say I usually use a poly/cotton blend but I did just buy some cotton for a quilt I am making myself since everyone raves about it. I haven't heard of bamboo here yet..sounds interesting. I prefer a thin to medium thickness since I machine quilt. I once tried a High Loft and it was like plowing through 10 feet of snow.
    I think that about answers all your questions ?? If I don't win, this should be good for a FQ! LOL

  28. Ohhh! My post was eaten somewhere! Let me try again. What batting do you use? Most the time, poly. Pre-packaged. Hand Quilter. Buy what is on sale at JoAnn's or Wal-Mart. Usually queen or king sized. Cost is a determination. Buy this way because the closest quilt shop has astronomical costs for all cotton batting. Now, I am going to experiment with one cotton yardage off the bolt and one warm and natural pre-packaged, both were on sale at JoAnn's. Have used both high and low lofts. Please enter me into your giveaway. Love the patriotic quilt.

  29. Beautiful quilt! I am excited! I prefer to use Warm & White off the bolt so I can buy 5 or 6 yards at a time (when they are 50% off at JoAnn's). I really dislike poly batting. I just don't like the way it feels and it makes it so hard to fit the quilt in my little machine.

  30. WOW Elaine, you did good. Quilt is beautiful.
    Batting, I buy different batting for different things, when I do hand quilting I use a cotton/poly blend, I love that feel when I am sliding the needle thru, I don't machine quilt my own so when I send them out, the quilter usually has batting for her machine so I use what she recommends, when I buy batting to keep around, I buy Mountain Mist Quilt Light, which is 100% Poly and I like that for smaller projects if I do machine quilt a wallhanging or applique project. Hope that helps. AND THANKS FOR THE AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

  31. AND HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!

  32. Wow what a great give-away! I use cotton batting, because I don't like the poly-version, and you can only choose between those two where I live. I buy it from the roll. I only do hand-quilting. That's because I only just started with quilting. Keep my fingers crossed for this beautiful give-away! Happy 4th of july.

  33. Thanks for the great giveaway...

    I use a 50/50 bamboo/cotton blend. My Joann's store recently started carrying this by the bolt, which is how I have started buying it. It does have a higher price point than warm & natural, but I only buy with a 50% off coupon, which brings it down to about $5.50/yard. I've tried some 100% cotton packaged batting and it had a very stiff, crunchy feel to it. The warm & natural feels nice, but doesn't have enough loft for me.

  34. I like the warm & natural, but I only use it for smaller items. I have bought the poly on a large roll when it is on sale, but don't like it as much as it bunches up. I'm still learning to quilt. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful prize!

  35. What batting do I use ? I only use Warm & Natural. Cotton. I wait until JoAnn's has a sale and buy it 50% off and buy the entire bolt/roll. Machine quilting only. I'm fairly new to quilting, so have no idea how I would even attempt to hand quilt. I think it would be interesting to figure it out, though. Does the cost alter your choice? As stated, I buy the roll/bolt when JoAnn's puts it on sale at 50% off.

    I love patriotic colors, so I have a lot of red, white and blue in my house. Love the quilt you designed, and wish I could see the border more clearly. Maybe I just need to clean my glasses (ha,ha)

  36. hiya,
    I use poly for animal quilts, yeeessssss, ms kitty and deputy dawg deserve quilts too! warm and natural for all others. I like how it machine quilts. I handquilt on minis only. baby quilts I try to use the flame retardant stuff by W&N. I generally buy prepakage stuff cause I have a hot little coupon in my hand! (mauh) Liz

  37. I'm new to quilting, and have only hand quilted so far. I've been using poly batting--I like the high loft of it. Have used the prepackaged stuff so far. Cost is a factor, but not the overriding factor. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. I am fairly new to quilting but I am starting out with the warm and Natural. I can usually get a pretty good deal on it by waiting for the sales. I machine quilt at the moment but I would like to try my hand at a small hand quilted piece.

  39. my friends buy a roll of a double sided adhesive (iron on)cotton batting and i get it from them...........it is great for the projects I have quilted (not to many) as I am not to good with pins etc..........I enjoy working with it...
    ....I never get the prepackaged stuff as it never seems to be the right size for what I want.......
    I machine quilt and as for the cost I'm not sure what lots costs but I don't think this was "expensive"

  40. I use a cotton-poly blend that is prepackaged. I am a new quilter, so I have only done machine quilting so far. I haven't found any brand that is best yet, and the cost might change my decision, depending on the quilt.

  41. I like to use Fairfield traditional pre-packaged poly for my quilts. It quilts up nice and launders well. Also reasonably priced. I have been using this for 25 years with excellent results. I also use warm and natural for wall hangings and small projects.
    I have not tried wool, it is cost-prohibited.

    Since all my friends were swooning over Quilters Dream poly (which is double the cost of Fairfield) I thought I would give it a try and was thoroughly disappointed. I have not tried their cotton.

    I would never ever use that stuff they call "green".

    I hope this will be of some help in your re-stocking decisions.

  42. I use mostly cotton batting and buy off the roll when I can. Of course price makes a difference. I use whatever brand I can get. I haven't done much hand quilting but if I was doing a quilt special enough to hand quilt I might look at a wool batting. I don't like putting manmade batting into an all cotton quilt.

  43. Hi, I mostly use cotton, but I have used wool and bamboo. I always buy off the roll. I did use a puffy polyester once but found the quilting too difficult - not enough movement...... Lovely quilt..........

  44. This is Earthdaddy...
    A squirrel got fried in the transformer at parents house. Dinner at their house tonight. Mother is gonna post the winner when she gets the net back hopefully tomorrow but still no word yet. She says happy Fourth and good luck.