Sunday, June 27, 2010

The ultimate cheapskate...!

Big Daddy has a dog. Not just any dog, but a big dog that brushes, Nyla-bones, furniture, and now the bedroom door.
 Yeah, she's cute until the crunching starts.  Take note, it takes mere nano seconds to shred a bear and trash the house~~

Lets set the stage. We live in Texas and it is VERY HUMID most of the time. Now, couple that with the average daily temperature pushing 100 degrees for several weeks.

Homey loves to go riding with BD, but not in this weather, EVER! It is way to dangerous for dogs to be left in vehicles.

A few weeks ago, we decided to go someplace together for several hours and we put, said Princess aka Homey (not that strange a dog name if you knew us), in our bedroom with her boy toy, Poco, who is also a Rottie, water and food. The rest of the dogs roamed the house. We have to separate our kids because our two little ones are Chihuahuas and we don't want the Rotties to get hurt, lol. We have done this many times, for up to 6 hours at a time, without mishap.

But....this was the first time for Homey, and the last.

 Did you know that the doors inside your home are hollow core? By that I mean that the doors are multi layers of some kind of pressed wood, to equal the outer and  inner sides of the door. The insides are filled with a cardboard type crap that is not only filling for dogs but also creates lots of fun when peeled off and chewed up to be spit out? Did you also know that, when you, as a dog, start peeling this crap off, well heck, it's nearly impossible to stop? Kinda like a potato chip with a woody texture.

Big Daddy replaced the bedroom door and set the old one out in the carport/hay storage shed/excess house junk. I am not even close to kidding either!

We built a nesting box for our chooks, a nine hole delivery suite for those little hens. I tore apart an ugly little bookshelf, pried boards off pallets, gleaned some boards from our outsheds and a big piece of red metal leftover from roofing our house. BD wanted to run down to the lumber yard but I insisted, since we started with "make-dos", that we finish with them. You know, kinda like a scrap quilt? It may appear a little heavy, but that sucker ain't going nowhere!

Wood for the nesting boxes: free    
Up-cycling the inside of the bedroom door for a chicken runway: priceless!

I have actually been sewing....wahoo! Pics to follow up tomorrow. Stay cool, Elaine                                                                                            


  1. That's an awesome story!! Sorry about the door, but it's really funny, poor homey was bored...not! Sorry, you know I'm laughing with you not at you....

  2. Well, at least Homey didn't swallow one of those large pulley-rope thingies. Our son's lab did, and it ended up costing almost $10,000. in surgeries. It got all tangled up in his innards, and then adhesions occurred, requiring a second surgery. So see, it could actually have been worse! Also, a beloved, now deceased Llasa of ours, once ate a hand made nativity. I bet we pet lovers could swap stories all day long, don't you think. Love your cool laying boxes. Michele

  3. Have to agree with Lizzie it was a funny story and you did put the door to good use. LOL

  4. Oh my - bad dog!!! But at least you made something useful with it. Rotties and chihuahua's? You are a brave woman.