Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What have I done!~

Georgie with her first quilt, washed, dried and wrapped around her!
What she learned:

Using a rotary cutter, ruler and the cutting mat.

Dog hair does come out.
Pin basting on the carpet.
Machine quilting with the walking foot.
Making your own bias binding and applying one side by machine and hand stitching the free edge down.
Signing your quilt is mucho important.

It is 1516 (3:16 pm) and she has 12 free form log cabin blocks finished and ready for trimming. My sister is out of control and loving the "quilting thing".

All I can say is I feel blessed to have a sister and to teach her to quilt...well, that's priceless!! I'm  going to fix Italian Meatball Soup for dinner and Georgie is making the biscuits....yummo! Have a great evening, Elaine                                                                                   


  1. I think you have created a monster. A quilt wearing, with a great big smile monster. You girls had fun!

  2. So it looks like I need to gather up my fabrics and fly over to you for a week long visit so you can create a monster out of me too! LOL It's a little bit scary seeing that much addiction though