Monday, June 14, 2010

One or two bloggers...

...sent me an award. I don't want to put anyone on the spot so if you so like, please accept this from me! The first kind lady sent this love to me and have to tell 7 things about me. Ms.Lottie had sent me one last week, but, well, things were kinda hectic. She sent me a blogger award that says I need to tell 10 things about myself. OMG...IF I REALLY TELL, NO ONE WILL RETURN HERE!!! Oh well, lol. I'll edit and lie a bit so I look so much better for ya'll.
I hate chocolate.
I hoard gifting bags.
I want a fairy door for my tree that has a swing.
I covet wood cook stoves, yes I have used one and yes, I love them!
I want to actually finish an applique album quilt.
I never graduated high school but did graduate college.
I yearn for soil in my garden that IS NOT CLAY!!!
That's all I can think of and couldn't even think of a lie, hee,hee!
And yes, I am working on a quilt. It's for my bff and I will post pics since she doesn't read my blog. I love it, hoping you will too! Later, Elaine


  1. Well well aren't you the popular one. It is too funny that 2 of us sent you awards. I guess that means you are really special.


  2. Surely that first one's a lie?! No normal person hates chocolate! Well, I guess you never did tell us you were normal ;) I'm sending you a wee parcel today - let me know when it gets there safe and sound.x

  3. I hoard gift bags too and I love, love, love my wood stove and adore using it in the winter (right now) AND I actually want to finish an applique quilt (civil war bride would be nice?)! We're almost twins, LOL! I'll send you an email about what I'm going to do about my bee balm quilt later. Have a great week.

  4. It was great to read those little tidbits about you. I cannot say I hate chocolate but I certainly do not care for it. The rest of the females around me are chocoholics. I must have a mutant gene or something! Joanne @ lavenderfieldsetc