Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I love the mail delivery person today!

A while back, Ms Lottie had a blogaversary, so since I am slightly off kilter, I wrote and told her I wanted to post some batik scraps off to her....she wrote back and suggested that we swap scraps. I have to tell ya, after the mail came yesterday, I was slightly totally in awe! That little scamp sent me some wool from New Zealand...oh heck yeah! And some batiks from there as well! All that loot was enclosed in the cutest little cloth gift bag. And if that wasn't enough, she sent me the custest little hanger quilt ever! That little sucker is going on my wall above my sewing area in my sewing hoarders closet room.  I started laughing, couldn't help myself!

I love you Ms.Lottie! Thank you for making my day!!!



  1. What a lovely surprise - enjoy!

  2. I just popped in for a visit and really enjoyed reading your blog.
    You were so lucky to receive such a lovely parcel.
    What a great story about your sister and you.

    Would love to follow if that's okay??

  3. That is a great haul! Also loved your sister newspaper cutting (I read the small print!)