Monday, June 7, 2010

What we're up to this week in Texas

Let me introduce my sister Georgie to ya'll! She is going to regale ya with the high falutin ways of her fabulous, wonderful! Georgie, take the mike honey,......

Hi. A. I.m loveing Texas and being with my baby sister.Shes got me quilting and I love it. Hooked......for sure. My sister and I sooo much alike. We have 57 yr. to catch up on and its fun. I even ate a deep fryed  turkey. What I LOVE about my sister is she makes me feel so at home. Bye for now. Georgie


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  1. Well, it's nice to meet you sister Georgie! Looks like she's got you blogging too, hehe!! How big is Earthbaby getting and look at that smile, wow, one happy baby there. Have fun you two...