Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my Bad

I guess I was a little flippant on my last post and I do apologize for it. I never meant to hurt anyones feelings or make them feel less then...so, my heart is on my sleeve and I am actively eating crow.

 I hope you all understand. I do treasure each and everyone that writes me and that reads my blog. It's like my Facebook account. I log on to see pics of my grandkids and children and my beautiful  great grandson. I don't have time to start a garden, feed the kittens or round up animals for others. I am not trying to demean anyone, I really am not. I just choose not to get involved. After my sister left, I found a million things that needed  done and haven't got done. I am not too keen on spending alot of time on the PC. My right hand is very painful...I'm unable to clench my fist. My left hand is nearly that bad. It is difficult to type. The mornings are better for my hands. Go figure, I love hand quilting and knitting, yeah, not fun now. So, if I can ever get a job so that I have insurance then I can see a doctor. Until then, I tolerate bilateral trigger finger of my ring fingers and middle fingers. I keep praying that they don't stick!
And if you have a few minutes, go to Debbies blog and check out her awesome windchimes. I love the one with the authentic calf/cow tag! Very chic.
Now I am going to go unpack my Go-cutter and see if I like it, Elaine


  1. Don't think your flippant at all, but I do love the crow!! ;o) My FB is exactly the same, check out what the younger generation is up to. On, off, thank you very much. Have a great day.

  2. I'm so sorry that anyone found your post offensive! I didn't and completely understand where you're coming from! I've loved looking at your posts teaching your sister to quilt--crazy family story--but who doesn't have one!!!

    You are doing a great job and i hope you like that go cutter! Let me know if you start offering precuts in your shop.

    My big question is how much fabric waste there is!

  3. I don't think you were offensive at all, but I love the crow pic!

  4. Well You got me in with that pic of the Crow..I did have to look Twice...I Think I Missed something in your last post...not really sure what was put wrong...I didn't think anything of it...