Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More of the Accuquilt Go and a cool giveaway

I went surfing and found this site and was in complete awe! A very savvy lady Caron is, quilt maker and business lady too. I was enthralled with her advice and her pics. She is having a fun giveaway on her site and the first question is, name some Michigan trivia! I had an original answer, lol.

Back to the Go-cutter. I had some yummo Riley Blake Christmas scraps that I cut a little bigger then the 1/2 square triangles, laid the plastic cutting mat on top and rolled over the fabrics.

Removed the excess fabric, of which the wide ones are going into my Wacky-log-cabin-someday box. The rest of the strips are less then 1/4" and were tossed. There ya go Tara, very little waste, wahoo!
And do you see the little notches? Heart be still....the little niblets are cut off before you sew? OMG, this is genius!

AND, the bestest part? If you lay the pieces down, right sides together, you  just pick that little sucker up and sew it. Yep, all ready to go. As painful as my hands are, this is a snap to use.

After I sewed them together, I just pressed them. I can see a Christmas pinwheel. I am so in love with this Riley Blake....has anyone else bought any? I heart every piece, so yummo!
I better go let my dogs out before bed. Ya'll have a great night. Don't forget to check out Carons' blog and her super fun giveaway, Elaine 

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  1. I'm confused, Elaine. Did you buy your cutter, or win it? I also don't actually "get" HOW it cuts. Do you think you could 'splain it so a dummy could comprehend? Michele