Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New fangled can be explosive

So, I bought one of these and let it sit for a couple weeks, don't know why. This morning I decided I would give it a road test
It's pretty hard to see the lines, but this particular die set has 1/2 square triangles, a small square and a large square...all ready for a 12 1/2" finished star square. I was a little concerned about the fabric waste. I rough cut the pieces for the 1/2 square triangles with right sides facing, cut them out and realized that

those pesky little corners are cut at the same time! OMG, did a woman design this or what? I am in total love.....
Now, I need to show you what Mama Sparks sent me

I wrote and told her that her Pink Flamingo quilt was worthy, way worthy of awards....if I didn't, well, I should have. She was so sweet and sent me a ton of Pink Flamingo fabric with a coordinating HUGE piece, to make my own! I was truly humbled by her gift and will be for a good long while.
 The other gift was a bag 'o selvedges from Nancy . I guess I was at the lucky end of the straw for this one! Wahoo, double wahoo!

I have a big bunch of them, think HOARDER! and have a great project in mind...kinda scary, right? Thank you Nancy, give those babies extra kisses.
I have got to get back to that darn GO...little heart be still! I am going to have these in my shop. If you are interested in one, write to me as I will not put them in my etsy shop.

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