Sunday, June 27, 2010

What gives me inspiration

My weakness is scraps. I cannot believe it myself. I buy them from my fellow etsians, cannot help myself. I love the varied colors and different manufacturers. I have bought a few bags of them in Christmas prints, kind of girly girl prints and colors. Colors and prints I would not normally buy, but it isn't for me and I need to learn to be a little more adventurous. 

 I was reading on a few other blogs about starting Christmas gifts early? I didn't have time to fully investigate it, but the whole idea is very appealing to me. I have started one of my little quilts, I'll show you a little peek...more to follow later.  

These are mixc. scraps from different designers, Michael Miller, Riley Blake...have I mentioned I love Riley Blake?l...Moda, and I'm sure I'll remember others after I hop in the tub.

So what inspires you....?
And if you weren't sick of my chicken talk and/or pics, there is more. I haven't mentioned that I am a banty (of 5) mommy and sweetly asked BD to perhaps help with an enclosure for them. Ok, fine, I used my helpless female routine and he fell for it! Now, before you young ladies shake your heads in disgust...this routine does come in handy for when...the sewer backs up in the bathtub, the dog has a foreign object protruding from his rectum or any other disgusting thing that really makes you toss your cookies! Trust me, it works.

Cute little enclosure,huh? Ahhhh.....where are my banty chickens?

See the gate? We leave it open, so they can peck around the front yard at their leisure and come back to their condo for food and water. Since we leave the gate open, they stick around.
So..... if you look up above the gate...there are my babies! All 5 of them. They don't go to bed anymore...they go to tree! Cute little buggers. Thanks for stopping by, Elaine

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  1. As you have seen on my blog I also like to use scraps. Make anything from quilts to potholders. Such fun but I DO NOT buy scraps. I'm not that keen. I would not know who designs the fabric I use. I just buy what I like.

    Yes, bantums are clever and roost in trees. I have a friend that does not even have an enclosure.