Monday, January 4, 2010

What I have been doing

The dil, earthmama, is going to use cloth diapers on the new baby, due in less then a month. Now these aren't the cloth diapers from my baby days. Nope, these are fun! Well, as fun as can She has purchased a lot of AIO's (all in one) from ebay and is happily waiting for the moment to use them. So, lets have a show of hands on who has had, who used cloth diapers on those little buns? Yep, me too.

The diaper rundown...AIO is a cover that is made from PUL (soft cottony fab on the outside, super soft vinyl-like fab on the inside) that is water proof. The cute little inserts are removable and washable and a little pricey.

Earthmama is not aware of how often or unexpected an infant will require a change. It drives me insane that ANYONE WILL WILLINGLY SELL A PRODUCT AND NOT WARN NEW MAMAS that babies will actually need more then 6 diaper inserts or 2 covers for the first week of their lives. I know, who knew? So earthmama/daddy are frugal, and keeping with their lifestyle, I have decided to whip up some additional inserts and covers. Earthdaddy had mentioned before about using t-shirts for diapers. Hmm, ok, I'll bite.

So I gathered a bunch of tshirts and cut all of the seams out, and searched the net for ideas. Oh how I love the internet!

I am also working on her "laying in" quilt and booby buddies. More pics later today, peace out, Elaine


  1. God bless mommas who use cloth diapers! I managed it with my first daughter, but weakened with the second... (hangs head in shame).

  2. Didn't have disposable's when I had my kids and I have to say that I think they're fabulous. Not so good for the earth though I know. Now 6 should last her about what - half a day?? You're gonna be a busy 'earthgramma'!! Have a good week,

  3. ah thanks for the thumbs up ladies, I am gonna need it!

  4. I wish her luck. I did the cloth diaper's with 4 children and would not have used pampers for the world. There was just something magical to have them hanging on the line in a row all clean. A dozen of the regular cloth diapers isn't that expensive. good luck to her!