Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Items available in my shop

Oh things are hopping here, mostly good. I was excited to get yet ANOTHER box from my good friends at Moda, yeah.

                                        The fat quarter bundle of Collections for Charity finally arrived from Moda. It is that highly anticipated collection designed by Howard Marcus. The colors are so wonderful. I won't bore you with the entire collection but if you want to see it all, go to and click on view products. There is a little bubble that will show the entire swatchs, very pretty.

The other item that arrived is a Breath of Avignon jelly roll. Since a lot of quilters have removed their Christmas decorations for the year, I have been seeing that there seems to be a common complaint of lack of color. Check these bright springy colors out, wow!
                                                              I am still waiting for the charm packs that go with this jelly roll. The Freebird jelly rolls and charm packs are coming any day, along with honey buns,
jelly rolls, layer cakes and charm packs
of Hunky Dory. So check the Moda

site out for the swatches for a peek at these new fabrics. My etsy button is on the sidebar. If you mention that you found me on blogger...I'll throw in something extra!                                                                   


  1. Oh so pretty and oh so tempting!!!!!!

  2. You know, I get tense when I take stuff to the post office anymore. I try to be very fair and only charge ACTUAL postage. I never send priority unless requested, prefering the cheaper rates of 1st class. But, since I am an admittedly twisted person and have this "thing" about USPS, I improvised with the flat rate box that would actually be the cheapest way to go. Now without the frilly tissue paper and clever ribbon or raffia, I can cram the entire Collections fat quarter bundle, 3 assorted jelly rolls, 6 charm packs, multiple quilting gadgets, a ruler, AND multiple fat quarters...wahoooooo! Just in case anyone was wondering, lol.

  3. Hummmmmmmmm, queria eu ter um pacote deste...