Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here's a quickie post

Seems my internet is down, 24 hours and counting. They (monkey boy who climbs pole) and the other (monkey boy who sits in office, probably has huge hairy knuckles and eats bananas) have called and sweetly informed me I MIGHT GET ON THE NET LIMITEDLY (is that a word?) A FEW MINUTES HERE AND THERE THE NEXT 24 OR SO HOURS! Good times.

Down to the nitty gritty...bison boy...and to think I let him out of the closet for parochial school! Never listens I tell ya! Anyway, got into my etsy shop, hmm, grabbed addresses to mail goods. What a great way to do business, again, good times.

Hey, I love you guys, if you buy anything from my shop, please be patient, I will call the earthmamas' dh, aka, my darling son, aka, bisonboy for your address.

Oh...almost forgot...the HOUSE GOATS...what are you guys thinking, of course I would never, ever own a white leather sofa, I have dogs too!  Geez, lol.

Maybe tomorrow for the new diaper pics...think of what grams on wine would make....omg!

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