Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside~~~don't forget the giveaway below!

Don't forget my giveaway below. But I have to tell you ever do the fabshophop? I am such a sucker for looking at other quilt shops and use this as my excuse to lollygag along and check things out.

I met (emailed this nice lady) this awesome shop owner and SHE WROTE BACK AND ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS! It is a miracle. I asked her about her website hoster and she was forthright and honest. OMG! I know, but I don't get out much. Now, you have got to check out this site for the most awesome sewing cases in the world!  Click on the patterns page and scroll all the way to the bottom, you won't be sorry. She also carries scrumptious hand dyed fabs and cute little chicken pin cushions. Since my b-day is coming up I am leaving mr.happy a note in some obscure place...rubber banded to the remote control I think!

Now I know it's cold, but, HELLO this is Texas for crying out loud! I don't like this, the chihauhau's can actually run and pee at the same time, and they are girls, our cactus is, well, you decide...   
I did ask for a new house coat....but 2 WHAT!!!
You know, I was going to explain about the "house goats", but the picture is so worth keeping it to myself until Monday when I draw the winner...yep, well worth it!


  1. Icicles on the cactus!!!!! Goodness!!

  2. Hi! Love what you wrote about my shop!I never did see icicles on prickly pear before!! Your blog is fun to read! Donna B.

  3. You've got me laughing today! I love the idea of leaving hints attatched to the remote. And you're right, this is Texas it should not be this stinkin cold! Looks like y'all had ice. No percipitation here in Austin, thanks goodness. Just Freakin cold! It is supposed to be back in the 60's by Wednesday (normal winter weather). Stay warm and happy quilting!

  4. LOLOL - the chi's run and pee at the same time - my dog did that the other day too! Don't like to see ice on cactus, oh boy. Can't WAIT to hear about the goats!