Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My bloggy bff's

Do you ever get excited to see one of "those" bloggers posted a new post? Like, omg, crazymomquilts has done it again, another quilt complete with tutorial...what a prolific girl she is. Then I read her last blog. She is quitting her blog.

I feel bad for her, I really do. It does take a lot of time and effort to properly keep at her blog. The pressure must be incredible for her.

I am happy for her though. Now she can relax and not feel like she's chasing her tail thru the wind. Maybe do something she wants to do.

But in the meantime....I am grieving. AmandaJean...I will miss you! Hmm, maybe I should think up a crazymom quilt. White borders, crispy, well placed scrappy geometric....oh the possibilities...

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