Monday, January 11, 2010

The earthmama blanket

Here it is, the EARTHMAMA LAYING IN blanket. Since she is of Scottish descent, I added those elements. She spent a few years in Canada as a tween and I found the perfect towel for that. I also put in towels from her and ds birth years and since there was a chunk of his wool fabric left over from his wedding kilt, I HAD to incorporate that. All in all, it was fun to do but not easy. Its sewn envelope style, like a true southern summer quilt, and has 2 rows of top stitching. If it should ever warm up, please Jesus, I will attempt a better pic. Oh...and try to do anything with 2 dogs assisting!


I found this darling little 40's Scottish tea towel and flanked it with the kilt wool, isn't it precious? (I am a lousy photographer...I freaked when I saw the tea towel, shadows, thank you God!) I have had this piece of linen forever and have always been reluctant to use it, now I know why! It's perfect for earthmama...and is that French General peeking out?
Now, on to the reusable, milk proof breast pads. I made a ton of them for my daughter and she loves them! PUL is awesome stuff.

Now I can concentrate on baby stuff tomorrow, maybe. I draw for the giveaway winner tomorrow nite, wahoo, stay tuned...Elaine


  1. She's gotta like all that!!

  2. This is so beautiful!!!!! I love all the elements - how very, very special.