Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do you have an extra red scrap...please?

I exchanged emails with a sweet lady, Jeannette,  in New Zealand, who is doing a breathtaking paper pieced  project called Simply Red. It is really pretty. But, unreal as some of you might find...she has run out of red! How can that be? Pop over to her blog and check out this quilt.

All you have to do, if you want to help out, is to email her for her address and pop a piece or 2, small ones, of red fabric into an envelope and post it to her. She has posted the size she needs.

It will cost the price of a stamp...but how fun to do something that has the potential to make another quilter happy. I have some fun red batiks to send. And thanks so much...cheers, Elaine


  1. Howdy Elaine- nice to meetcha! You're not too far from me actually. There are several Sand Flats in Texas - I'm more east of you between Tyler & Longview. So you have a quilt store? I need to check that out next time I'm through that way! I love quilting - my sister got me started. Just too busy right now to quilt, but i hope to get back to it one of these days!

  2. I wish I could help, but I've realized reds & yellow are something I'm very short in my stash. But I think this sort of topic is a great way for blogging quilters to exchange/share stash fabrics!


  3. Oh no - I've given all my reds to a friend, for a red and white yo-yo quilt!

  4. Hey Elaine - hows your world in your Sand Flat area? Hear ya'll got a tornado around there and had some damage. When I heard the news this morning and they were talking about Sand Flat, I was afraid it was us! Then I thought about you! Hope everything's OK!

  5. Oh no, I just read Vickie's comment!! I hope everyone is OK. Was just going to tell you
    that I'm off to Jeanette's blog so I can send her some reds!
    Stay safe my friend.