Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Antique quilts

I went to someones' blog today and found myself deep in this antique quilt heaven. Have you been there yet? You have got to see this site. I was checking out the quilt tops and found a breathtaking baby, a blue work mourning quilt.

Mourning quilts were a way for women to express their grief over a loved one that has passed. I have loved one such quilt for a number of years and have found it in several sources. One of them is, America's Glorious Quilts, 1987. It's not a little book, 11"x14 3/4". On page 74 and at this site, you can view this beautiful quilt. The historical significance is outstandingly wonderful. As a mother, I cannot imagine the pain this woman went thru. What an innovative way to remember.

I read this blog of Jennys' today and laughed. We took our tree down right after Christmas and sorted thru 30+ years of decorations and ornaments, gave some to the kids, thrifted some and threw a bunch of junk away. Then on to the livingroom. I refuse to feel guilty about dusting or not dusting...out it goes! I am on a binge here people, and I love it.

My dh bought me this set of patterns and this set , with the fabric included, and they sit. I need to just do it. I have had a few lovely ladies offer to help me if I needed it. I just need to do it.

These aren't resolutions, they are wishes for me to do better for me. I also wish to start my Christmas gifts NOW so that I may take some time and really enjoy the journey of my craft.

What wishes do you have for yourself for next year? Do you have unfinished projects you wish to finish? Or maybe some other unfulfilled dream.

I am going to finish my baby sewing for my sweet dil, the earthmama. Maybe I will remember to take some pics...diapers, diaper wraps, double sided receiving blankets, swaddlers, and most important, the laying in quilt for earthmama...have you ever made one?

Hugs, Elaine

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  1. Happy New Year Elaine!
    You got some great patterns for Christmas. Have fun working on them.
    Now I am off to visit those other blogs.