Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Earthfamily took us out!

Son and the earthmama invited us out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. It doesn't happen for another week, but they don't want to push it with baby! We went to a new seafood restaurant and it was yummy! Fried oysters and sweet potato fries....a very new taste for me, unusual but soooo good. The kids had salmon and orange roughy. The salmon was phenomenol! It was a lot of fun and daddy took a pic of the kids and I. E-mama is holding her lying in blanket, she loves it! I had a happy evening...




  1. Sounds like a great evening. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


  2. Great photo's Elaine, I'm so glad she liked her blanket. I'll bet you heaved a huge sigh of relief??

  3. I'll bet she can't wait to use her blanket! You guys look great, so glad you had a good dinner!

  4. Thought I would drop by I do sometimes...

    x x x