Thursday, November 4, 2010

Up-cycle this! or Playing along with Fee

I have wanted to blog on this for quite awhile, but kept putting it off. When I found Fee's repurposed Thursday, well, here was my chance!

I tried to drive by the Goodwill, I really did, but...

Have you seen the packets of linen dinner napkins and walked on by? Like, what WOULD I do with them?
The blue stack, with the house in the center, contains 12 napkins, all for $2.99. The red striped ones, 7 napkins for $3.99, a bit heavier weight. The yellow ones, 4 napkins and 4 rubber backed placemats, all of those for $1.99.

I took 2 napkins and sewed down 3 sides, added a couple denim handles....

I wasn't sure if the hubs  would use them, but when he found out you get 5 cents credit for every bag he brings in...he even uses the the one with fruits and foliage, lol!
The gingham bags were made from an upcycled tablecloth, found at a thrift shop for a few dollars. I actually made bottoms and sides for them. I am going to stick with just 2 bags sewn together, no sides. They get too heavy for old people like us. Makes us feel better about using less plastic...hate those bags... and helps us live a simpler life.


  1. Great Idea. What a bargain too :)

  2. The bags are great and what a good way to make them.

  3. That is a creative use for the napkins.

  4. Love this idea! Don't forget to wash them frequently - they had a news story locally about how many germs those bags pick up, because we re-use them so much.

  5. What a great idea and you can never have too many shopping bags.

  6. This is a great idea and I am sure the washing of them is a good idea, that Allie pointed out.
    I will go check out this repurpose, reuse blog, that is right up my alley!

  7. Love love love the bags. I am going to make some for us to use. I have a couple from a store but I think making my own would be fun and a great way recycle some fabric or napkins!
    Some of the young people working at the stores ask why don't you just use the plastic ones and I try to explain that using a "recycled bag"may one day give them a cleaner world to live in.. I hope the younger generation gets on this bandwagon soon.

  8. What a fantastic idea !! Thanks so much for showing us and thanks for playing.

    Hugs - Fee X

  9. Napkins - now there's an idea for them! Way to go! I use these sorts of bags for everything - so much classier than a plastic one.