Friday, November 12, 2010

Are you domestic?

I bought myself a book sometime back and have nearly worn it out! It is the most fun, informative, entertaining and inspiring book I have read in quite a few years. It's called THE GENTLE ART OF DOMESTICITY by Jane Brocket. You can buy lots of books on how to clean your oven, make your own cleaning products and even how to craft a zillion things for your family. That is being domestic. Domesticity is taking inspiration from your surroundings, making your home into a pleasureable place to be. She doesn't categorize people into bakers, quilters, or gardeners, but rather the idea that these people are all of one and more. She gently shares her intuitive sense of style, color and texture into her home all the while teaching the reader how to do the same in her home.
I would highly recommend this book to daughters, daughter in laws, sisters and even mommas. It really is that good.

I bought a few extra copies for my shop and have listed it there. Along with some new layer cakes, charm packs, pattern books, and fabrics. Pop on over to my etsy shop and see what's new.


Thanks for looking, back to my book...have a blessed weekend!


  1. Hm....sounds like a good book. Love the other things too, especially the Dream On charm pack - yum!

  2. Looks like some great things you have there.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.