Monday, November 29, 2010

Mail call and Heart blocks

This is in his feminine side, wearing a pink and black sweater. Gracie Mae is a nudist. She just can't help it.

                                 Tara, one of the awesome quilter swappers from the BeeBalm, a virtual quilting bee...sent me some home grown soaps, lavender lotion bar in a jar and orange lip balm.....oh Tara, you had me from home made! Can you see the itty pin cushion? It's a wee disappearing 4 patch! I love, love, love it all! The pin cushion is sooooo sweet! you sell your soaps and other stuffs? My son has already requested home grown soaps for Christmas and I will have to hide these when he comes to visit! Check out the cute little burlap bag she packed the goodies in! You know Tara, I love you!


Tara also sent 4, yep 4 blocks for my quilt. Thanks Tara, you're very sweet! I can't wait to get started putting it all together.

I have been putting a couple of heart blocks together for Shirley. I had a charm pack from Tranquility in my sewing room and ran with it! I love all the colors. Although, the colors look kind of fall's spring in New Zealand. Do you think the colors are too drab? Maybe I should have went with brights. So, what do you think?

Remember, if you are uncomfortable posting to New Zealand, you can always send to me and I'll tuck them in the package I am posting out this week. Please just let me know if you are sending something to me so I know it's coming...easy, peasy!  Send me a message and I'll happily send you my address.

Don't forget~~~~~20% off in my etsy shop today until I go to bed tonight, lol. Who knows when that is. All you have to do is, choose what you want, add CYBERMONDAY in the checkout coupon code and you automatically get 20% off your purchase. Puleeeeese....I don't want to beat my hubs to count all that fabric at the end of December, he gets surly.


  1. So glad you got them! The post office was quick! I do sell my soaps and stuff, but have a pretty limited supply right now! I do have some Lavender Goat's milk, Oatmeal Peppermint and Morning espresso left, though. It's never flown out of my house as fast as it has this year! they are $4/bar

  2. A nudist - hahahahaha - oh you are a hoot! Wow Tara is awesome - I love home grown soaps too. That pincushion is too, too sweet.

    I'm making some heart blocks this week, but I'll post them to Shirley when I'm done. You are so good to offer to do that!

  3. Jax!!!!
    You dear sweet boy! I don't believe a word of what I have been hearing about you.