Friday, November 19, 2010

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Goat~~~another goat placed!

I thought long and hard, trying to come up with another way to "place" Gordon, my little Australian goat friend from Lizzie. A bunting is just right...
Now I just have to sew it down and send it off to Debbie, then off to DeeDee. It's about 20 feet long, 10 flags, each @ 8"x8" with a 10" space in between. I had found a very cute twill tape that says SEEDS on it, that I used for the ribbon. Overall I am pleased with it...until hubs pointed out that SEEDS is upside down. Some days it just doesn't pay to chew thru the restraints...                                                                                          


  1. that is such a fantastic idea Elaine.... such a great thing to have.... Gordon will be very happy with all his friends..

  2. Looks great! Such a great and different idea for Gordon. I hope Lizzie loves it!!
    I did not know they had put you back in the restraints! I thought for sure the straight jacket was working!

  3. Oh, this is a great spot for a traveling goat! I love it. Wish I could see the bunting in person. :)Suz

  4. I love it......!! You're so clever, I would never have thought of bunting, hmm, now where will I hang it..?

  5. That is too cute, Elaine!!! Darn hubbies anyway - always pointing things out too late. Where are they when we need them!