Monday, November 15, 2010


Hullo, there? It's me Gordon, your little goat boy. we have an area code?
Hey Mum....a shop! Maybe I should go inside for a wee peek...

Oh looky Mum, the vintagey tablecloth fabric....

Wahooooooo Mum, cowboys live here in Texas.....!

                                                                                     You know Mum, it's kind of a black and white world here...or is it a bit Asian?
                                                                                  Mum....look at the cat, a bit queer, eh? Lounging on the pillow.  Hmmm, would be a good way to be.
Well, it's ok, but not quite "me", don't you think? Let me ask my Texas cousin, Garth....

He is not a "boy" mum, I am so confused now.....what shall I do?

                                                                                 I better go back in the house with my foster mum....she's weird Mum, help!
Oh wait....REAL tea china Mum...this is more like it! I better sign off now, here comes that weird foster mum again. I miss you, please send me grain for my teacakes...Love, Gordon                                                                                      


  1. girl, I thought I was the only crazy woman out there. You are too funny. Sounds like your little friend is having a great time!

  2. Gordon, don't worry she's really a fabulous person and I'm envious that you get to meet her in real life and I don't..! Be a good goat and do as you're told, take lots of photo's and have a great time...
    love Mum

  3. Gee Gordon you should be having a wonderful time. Your foster Mum has taken you to a fabulous store. Wish I was there.
    Where are you going next Gordon??

  4. Gordon,
    I have a few words of advice for you.
    #1. Stay away from Jax!
    #2. Don't develop any bad habits while visiting Texas, because you will be coming to see me next!
    #3. Please don't eat any of Elaine's lovely fabric while visiting the shop.
    #4. If you can possibly slip Elaine's Go Cutter in your suitcase, bring it with you!
    #5. Tell Elaine I enjoyed seeing her shop and she should take more pictures of it. (While she is distracted taking the photos, will be your opportunity to make off with the Go Cutter.)

  5. Oh Gordy, have fun over there but hurry back home Downunder. Your Mum will be missing you.

  6. hahaha! Elaine you are just to funny..I love this and wish I had time to take my goats on a trip with me....hehehe!