Sunday, November 21, 2010


It's me, Gordon! I am very happy today. Miss Elaine tacked me down to my flag and gave me a wee scarf. It's going on fall here and gets a wee bit nippy. (I think it needs a button or two on it, gets a bit windy here).

I have some balloons for company,

I even have my own itty bitty banner!

And, Mum.......she is making me a tree (with some funny looking somethings on the branches), hmm.

I better get back to directing....she just pulled the button box out and is beginning to drool! See you soon Mum, having the time of my life here, your loving Gordon                                                                           


  1. Heehee - you have a very talented mum, Gordon!

  2. Gordon,
    I am looking forward to you visit here in Kentucky! I am sure you are enjoying your visit in Texas. Tell Elaine to fix a turkey leg for you!!

  3. Gordon I love your will be saying y'all after two stops in Texas.....see ya soon Little gordon

  4. What fun! I love all the pretty flags surrounding Gordon. He looks famous!

  5. I told you she was a special person Gordon, you're looking particularly lovely up there on your banner. Looks like you're having lots of fun over in Texas...

  6. I love reading the Goat Saga .... maybe you can publish !