Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The New Zealand tragedy

New Zealand has had yet another tragedy, with a mine entrapment, and several families affected by it. A quilter in NZ, is putting out an all call for some blocks. Her plan is to make quilts for the families and children of the miners. Please go to her blog and read up on it.

Whenever I hear of horrific events, it never fails to amaze me, the heartfelt grace that quilters possess,  and are so willing to step up and DO something.

The miners and families are in my prayers, now, could YOU spare a block? She does have some specifics, so please read up on it. She also has her address available.

Oh, if you slip a block in a card , you can mail it first class without a customs form. You can also send it to me to mail for you. I'm getting a wee bit of something to pop into the mail, after the holiday weekend. Email  me if you want to send it to me, and I'll send you my address and I'll wait for your letter to reach me before I send it off to New Zealand.

Thank you fellow quilters, ya'll are awesome...Elaine


  1. Oh Elaine...what a great thing. Send me your address and I will get one in the mail. I still have everything in storage, but I bet I can eek out a block.
    Thanks for sharing. Yes us quilters are amazing people. We all have true empathy for those in need!

  2. Elaine this is amazing, I was not sure if the word had reached out across the world. It just goes to show how generous quilters are with bothe time and resources. Jeannette from New Zealand