Friday, May 21, 2010

Giveaway and chook update

Giveaway winner announced tomorrow! Or I should say YOU and the PERSON who sent you!

My little chooks are getting food scraps, veggie peelings, over ripe fruit, stale crackers and milk. They LOVE milk. Gracie Mae, the 2 pound (uhh, @ 1 kilo for you quilters/chook lovers, down under) chihuahua, has gotten in the habit of following me to the chook party yard. She has been thoroughly chastised about chasing 2 legged sisters, so she resists.

I only wish you could have been there today as she decided cabbage was her most favorite food in the world. She watched while I poured out the veggie scraps and the chooks descended on the peels. With the speed of a stealth fighter jet and the cunning of a teenage mall sale shopper....she snagged a lenghthy cabbage heart and sped off with it....with several chook sisters in hot pursuit! Truly better then TV. Thank you Gracie Mae for the cheap entertainment...I hope your mama never knows!

Back to quilting..the shelf pillow above, is another rescued and up-cycled quilty shelf sitter pillow, made using cookie cutters as templates . I have made numerous Christmas sofa pillows using cookie cutters and tree ornaments. Tomorrow is the drawing winners announement...but first, we need to talk embellishments...I know, anticipation has you on the edge of your seat!


  1. My 13yr old Cocker Spaniel suddenly decided that raw carrots were his very fave food in the world when we got our new (now 3) pup, she loves them and he still eats them! They are so funny, much, much better than the tv...
    Have a good weekend..

  2. It doesn't take much to keep us happy and that is a good thing. Can't wait for tomorrows' big announcement.

  3. I wish you had taken a camcorder out with you - this sounds hysterical! I love that little pillow.