Saturday, May 8, 2010

Don't forget to honor yourself too

I called a close friend a few weeks ago, left a message, phone tag for a while, then, she popped by last night to visit. Another girlfriend called this morning to say she was returning a call from a week ago. I saw another friend on Thursday, she's been to busy to return calls or to visit.

It made me very sad for them, and for me. We need to nurture ourselves as well as our girlfriend relationships. Our girlfriends are very important. They can keep us sane and on track. When our families stress us, they can calm us. We need to celebrate our girlfriends more often.

That friend you've been thinking of lately....pop a quick note in the mail to her, it may be just what you both need to jump start yourselves into spending a few minutes together. I'm just saying is all.


  1. Here's my note to the friend I've been thinking of............
    Have a great Mothers Day, take care.

  2. Dear friend Lizzie, I hope your Mothers Day was restful and good for you. Big hugs to you sweet girl, Elaine

  3. I just today went to lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in awhile - it was SO GOOD to see her!
    Happy Mother's Day, Elaine!

  4. Good for you Allie, I bet ya'll had a good time. You have a happy Mothers Day as well! Elaine