Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just checking in

So the chickens are doing very well, no more are missing, thank you to everyone who inquired. I am not really sewing on anything at the moment, but don't tempt me! I have been de-cluttering and cleaning my sewing room. I am busily washing, drying and ironing my scraps. I will probably pre-cut some squares and strips from some, then pack them neatly in my Ikea baskets. I may toss some of them. I haven't decided yet. That is my biggest problem, what to do with my "stuff", yuck!

I do alot of felted wool applique. I love to use wool. If you have never tried using it, you must try it at least once. Wool doesn't fray, no need to turn the edges under and you get to try different stitches and threads.  I only wish I could draw...different patterns, but I can't draw. So I cut. Just the scissors and the fabric. I think my fingers see. Am I just crazy....it's always been that way for me. I just cut the fabric and it seems to make sense. But no drawing.                                                                   Oh I can see it now, as soon as I get to the wool to organize it, I'll be lost, again! I will resist as much as possible.

I am expecting company at the end of the month and need to organize before her arrival. I don't want to show her my disorganized mess. I want her to think I am brilliant, artistic and facinating...now I'm laughing.

It's the sister I haven't met yet. She has met the brothers but not me. I am very nervous about her visit, but very excited too. She has grown up in Canada but we are very much alike, as in:

We were both born in the same hospital....just 4 years apart. In January. We both work in health care. She paints, I quilt. She knits and is prolific at it. I can knit, but love quilting more. We have both broken our Left forearms. We have talked on the phone and sent emails and have gotten to know each other very well via the internet. But, have not met yet. This is going to be very exciting, don't you think?

My thoughts are all over the place right now. I can't stay on the pc very long, my impatience drives me to the sewing room to get it finished. I am not writing to my bloggy friends like I have in the past. Is it just Spring that makes me want to do something else? I am not tired of the blog or others' blogs, I just seem to be limiting my time online. Like now, I have to get back to my sewing room. Please have a great week, I'm going to be busy, cleaning, sorting, cutting...now, go quilt something!


  1. Well I thing your ARE brilliant, artistic and facinating, look at that wool applique and just drawing with scissors, awesome!! Your sister sounds just like you and how amazing all the 'sames' are?? It's very exciting and she couldn't help but love you. Now, go clean ;o)

  2. Listen - if she paints and knits, she's going to be very familiar with creative clutter! So no worries. I hope you have a brilliant time together, how exciting.
    I'm feeling just the way you are lately, I think it's spring fever. Just needing a bit of a change....don't worry about it, just enjoy your visit, and the preparing for it!

  3. I agree with the previous comments. What a nice time you are going to have ... so much in common already. I am quilting a lot these days because I cannot work. Have tendonitis and bursitis in my hip.... keeps me from working but nor from quilting !!!! Yippee !!! Cheers!!!!

  4. I am so excited for you!!! How exciting, but don't forget to take a little time for yourself everyday, curl up in your corner, and read, sew, whatever is you!!

  5. Your wool chicken piece is oh so me. I love chicken stuff! Very prim style.