Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wool applique embellishments

First of all, I wanted to thank Amy for a brilliant move, the BQF, what an awesome turnout of quilts! The stories behind each one are wonderful. I must be a dreamer because I often wonder what "she" was thinking when she made "that" quilt. You know, the incredibly artistic genius that some would call a quilt, and I call a Picasso. I love, love the stories!

Now on to embellishments on wool. The really cool thing about wool is the ability to use any type of threads, buttons or beads. I have seen some with silk ribbon but have not done that. Sometimes the wool or even the piece, speaks to me about what to do with it.

I like to see what others have done on their wool quilts, wall hangings and even penny rugs. I don't copy their techniques, but keep them in the back of my head, put a twist on them to my liking and go from there. Sometimes I use the blanket stitch. Very basic and probably the most often stitch used. I thread my needle with @ 18" of floss or thread, knot one end and either go up from the bottom or under another piece of the wool, and make my stitch.

The thickness of the piece you are appliqueing will determine the thickness of the thread. I like to use #8 pearl cotton most often, but have also used #5 or #12 pearl cottons. If I run out of a color or just want a different look, I will use what I desire. I also mix up different fibers on the same piece.

If you knot your thread on the back or your stitches show, you will have to cover it. Most of my penny rugs are covered on the back with cotton quilting fabrics. You could use linen, upholstery fabrics or just about anything you can think of!
I put pennies or pen wipers on the edges of my rugs. I also leave some areas without those added elements.                                                                  

Penny rugs are supposed to be fun, dig out some fibers, beads, old buttons or even some fair ribbons and get creative!
I have had fun with my giveaway, meeting new friends and reading everyones comments. I do appreciate them and have went to the individual blogs to see what you ladies are up to. My week has been full and I haven't answered each comment but please know I have read them and loved each and every one! Thanks ladies for visiting me, Elaine


  1. Your projects are so darling, Elaine, I really love the snowmen!

  2. I recognise those beautiful embellishments, can't wait until I get it all together. I love the pennies, they're so cute aren't they?