Saturday, May 15, 2010

A rainy day and a giveaway!

I did ask for a rainy day, didn't I? So be it. At least the morning is. I just wish it wouldn't be so harsh for our neighbors in Tennessee.

Have you worked with wool before? Well, why not? I love the simplicity of it. The wool doesn't fray, unless you find some with a percentage of "unknown fibers" and you can't toss it because it's the RIGHT shade of yellow! You don't have to turn the edges under when you applique...bonus! You get to try out different embroidery stitches and different threads, buttons, beads...lots of leeway to get you out of your predictable routines.                                        

Does the price of the kits keep you from trying the felted wool? So how about a giveaway....? I love to spread the love....if you are International...Canada too, jump in and enter.

1. Tell me which kit you would like for yourself and why you haven't tried felted wool before.
2. Blog about it and tell your blogger buddies to enter.
3. If your friends say they were sent by and your friend each get a kit!
4. I will draw the winner (s) on Friday 21 May.

Get going and enter, just once please. Now, back to ironing..Elaine
The rottie has nothing to do with the giveaway. But really, not counting the hair on the carpet and anything cuter then this>>>>>>>

Have a great weekend, now go get your buddies to enter, Elaine


  1. I haven't tried wool because of *gulp* moths. I had a baaaaaad experience one time. So don't enter me! Your baby is tutu cute, lol!

  2. As international as NZ? I love that chilli pepper pincushion and we are going to do a pincushion swap at my local guild soon - maybe I'll try using wool!

    Your dog is very patient!

  3. Our dog is an actress, she thinks she is royalty or something! NZ is very welcome to enter, of course!

  4. How did I not see this??? Well you know that I LOVE wool applique and equally I love that chook!! I'll blog about your great giveaway tomorrow - remind me!! He he!! I'm thinking it might be nearly time for a giveaway from moi too.....
    C U Soon (as one of my grandies always say's..

  5. I was sent here by Vicki W and I am glad she told me. I have always wanted to make a wool penny rug but the cost of the wool has scared me off. I would love to have that Rooster penny quilt kit.

  6. Oh I love the chilli peppers alot! Nice giveaway Elaine.The wool pieces are very expensive here so that's what has stopped me from collecting too much although I have got a little kit waiting.

  7. Hi Elaine The sort of wool applique that appeals to me is what Sue Spargo and The Quilted Crow and doing Wool mixed with cotton piecing. It adds another layer and another dimension. I have not tried it yet. Love your Pincushion BTW. and yes the wool pieces are expensive here.

  8. oh I would love the chook as I am chook LOL I have not seen kits here as yet and have not had the courage just to go it alone hugs Beth [chook]

  9. I love the Rooster Penny Rug Kit. I wasn't sure of the wear factor with wool. Does it pill up, Can you wash it, Does it stain easy? Oh my, now I am getting worried!
    ps quiltsalott sent me.

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  11. Oh how wonderful and generous.
    I LOVE wool and have been a spinner and knitter in the past. These days I am most definitely a quilter but for some odd reason, still haven't tried wool. I have no excuse except that as a fairly new quilter, I just haven't got around to it. ;o)

    Oh I really need to tell you that I came here via the wonderfully talented Janet at

    I would love to win the chook as well. She could sit in my lounge room looking out the big window at all the 'real' chickens scratching around my yard (making a mess) LOL

    PS: send the rain down here. It's so dry in NE central Victoria, Australia.

  12. Hi, Very expensive and here in Texas it is
    so warm, plus the moths, but what a way to
    give it a try with a free kit of peppers. Janet from Quiltsalot sent me here.

  13. cool giveaway...I read about it on quiltsalot

  14. I love felted wool projects for all the same reasons you do. I have a finished top waiting for the wool embellishments. A friend of mine, and I are going to take an embellishment class next month with Sue Spargo at her studio. We're pratcially neighbors! I'll post it when it's finished.

  15. I have done a penny rug, I really enjoyed doing it. I read about this from quiltsalot.

  16. I read about this from quiltsalot. I love the rooster,

  17. Janet at quiltsalot mentioned your giveaway! I would love the rooster kit.
    Wool is great! But I thus far haven't worked with it.

  18. I would love to win your goofy rooster kit! GAthering all the differnt wools for a project has kept me away adn your kit is a perfect solution for that!! Thanks!

  19. I have been wanting to try wool for a while now. I just haven't taken the first step. I guess I haven't had the confidence, either. Janet, from Quiltalott, sent me. I love the rooster! Thanks for the giveaway. I should just buy a kit and try it! Right?

  20. I have just joined because of quiltsalott and love applique and want to try using wool. Love both of the kits!!

  21. I love your quilt work, I came across you from quiltsalot. I too stayed away from wool.. I don't think I ever grew up with wool ? my mom once had moths & went bonkers & I never saw wool... I was very little.
    I just love your photos. will stay & read your blog. :)